Individual tank pic and specs all in one thread

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Fish Tanks!' started by cuttingras, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Peredhil

    Peredhil Giant Squid

    Aug 20, 2008
    This post is VERY out of date... will update one of these days.


    My tank thread

    My pic only thread

    My awesome CuC Documentation thread

    Current specs:
    55 gallon
    98lb Live Rock and 50lb CC substrate
    Sundial T5HO 2x54watt @ 12k and 2X420
    1 Aqua-Tec 30-60 to run carbon
    2-Koralia 2, 2-Koralia 1, 1-Koralia Nano
    Grounding Probe

    Recently added egg crate wall

    Fish: 2 ocellaris Clowns that I hate and want rid of, 6Line Wrasse, BiColorBlenny, mandarin

    Critters: 16 blue legged hermits, ton-o-snails

    My Soft Tubed Feather Duster thread

    My Flower anemone's from the Gulf of Mexico thread (I have 3)

    Coral: Colt, GSP, Xenia, Anthelia, Shroomsx2, Zoa (AoG/Eagle Eyes are MIA), Acan Lord, Bubble, Torch, PurpleTipHammer, 2 Blastomussas that are grownig like crazy, tons more

    The Acans are behind the rock structure - need a side shot to see them. Also behind the rock structure I have some fire fern and flame algae growing. I sit on the side of my tank a lot so I wanted some stuff in the back too

    I keep my params updated here: Tank Profiler - fish tank monitoring made easy!
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  3. barkrulz

    barkrulz Astrea Snail

    Jan 6, 2009
    PCB, FL.

    125 gallon
    custom cabinet
    200lbs live rock
    3 inches of argo sand
    800watt custom t-5 fixure with 8 moon LEDs
    4 460 and 6 14k Ks
    35 gallon fuge
    1/3 horse chiller
    ECU box skimmer
    4 #4korolas
    inland seas canister filter
    1 1800 gph pump (fuge return)
    1 1200 gph pump (filter and chiller return)
    1 700 gph pump (box skimmer)

    1 4" cluster pipe organ
    several zoe clusters and some frags
    hair mushroom cluster
    2 feather dusters
    lots of looked cool at the store and didn't care about the name (just checked compatability and params)
    2 yellow tangs
    1 tomato clown
    1 blue damsel
    2 domino damsels
    2 zebra damsels
    2 sand sifting gobies
    1 lawn mover blenny
    2 pepermint shrimp
    5 astrea snails
    3 jumbo turbo snails
    several other various snails
    1 emerald crab
    sevral various hermits
    1 very large brittle star
    1 regular size brittle star
    1 sand sifting star
    2 peppermint shrimp
    2 sponge crabs who now reside in the sump due to destruction of my pink and neon green zoes

    and one horrible addiction to the most expensive hobbie i have ever had that i can't ride

    complete build:
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  4. Powerman

    Powerman Giant Squid

    Oct 3, 2008

    90g AGA RR tank
    58g sump with...
    15g fuge w/26w CP flood
    150 lbs fuji LR
    150 lbs sand
    110g total volume


    Coral Beauty
    Blue Hippo Tang
    Yellow Tang
    6 Line Wrasse
    Starry Blenny
    3 Dispar Anthias
    Watchman Goby
    3 Green Chromis

    Green mushroom
    Blue mushroom
    Green open brain
    Green/purple frogspawn
    brown frogspawn
    Black/green frogspawn
    Pipe Organ
    Lt. Blue candy cane
    Blue/brown candy cane
    3 Monti caps
    Prizim Favia
    Red/green Favia
    Purple/mint Acan

    Cleaner shrimp
    Blue and Red Hermits
    Various snails
    Blue Clam

    Upgraded Coralife Pro with 250w Galaxy dual ballast and Phoenix 14K bulbs
    2 96W CP actinic
    2 Korilia 3s
    AC Jr. temp/pH/DC 4HD/DC8
    Ehiem 1262 return
    Herbie overflow
    Warner Marine K2 cone skimmer
    JBJ Artica chiller/Mag 7
    BRS carbon reactor/MJ 900
    Tunze ATO
    2 BRS Drews dosing pumps
    300w heater

    BRS 2 Part recipe #2 100 ml/day
    DTs live plankton
    BRS .8 ROX carbon

    I commandeered the stairway closet on the other side of my tank and turned it into an equipment room. Here is my build thread of that.


    If you don't know what a Herbie Overflow is, here is my write up I did here.
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  5. rysam

    rysam Astrea Snail

    Nov 3, 2005

    55g sump / fuge
    150ish lbs rock
    100 lbs/1" SSB

    3x250 MH. Lumatek Ballasts,reeflux 12k bulbs
    2x110 VHO URI actinic03
    mag 9.5
    ASM G2 with mesh and gatevalve (MSX 250 on the way)
    250w stealth heater
    (2) seio 820's
    DIY Calcium reactor with milwaukee regulator and Ph monitor, 20 lb CO2 tank
    API test kits 2 switch ATO.
    (2) 55 gallon drums for fresh and mixed water(heater,airstone and powerheads there too)

    (2)hippo tangs
    (1) sailfin tang
    (1) Powder Brown tang
    (2) blue chromis
    (1) 6 line wrasse
    (1) yellow watchman
    (1) maroon clown
    (1) scooter dragonette

    (2) skunk cleaner shrimp
    (1) fire shrimp
    (1) linckia star
    (1) fancy serpent star
    (1) 6" derasa clam
    (1) 6" crocea clam
    lots o' snails in the display and hermits in the fuge.

    mostly SPS
    some LPS
    few Softies
    nothing really special, just the usual suspects ::)

    fish poo
    spectrum pellets
    rarely frozen food
    rare additions of 2 part to supplement cal. reactor
    nothing else at all
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  6. jkat21

    jkat21 Bangghai Cardinal

    Feb 6, 2009
    S.I. N.Y



    sorry for the algea on back glass i`ve been slowly wining my battle

    55 gallon with HOB over flow just shy of 2 years

    wet/dry w/bb`s and cheato
    live rock

    2lf`s phosban reactor
    3 MJ ph`s one with sure flow kit
    sure grip megnet holder for PH`s
    200 watt heater
    Aqua c urchin skimmer

    Diy canopy w/2x175 watt 14 k halides on e-ballast
    2x65 watt pc actinic
    8x blue led moon light
    twin 4"fans

    coral beauty
    2 blue damsels
    1 sunshine damsel
    2 perculs clowns
    scooter blenny
    cleaner shrimp

    misc hermits/snails

    green ricordea shroom
    blue/purple shrooms
    brown/orange zoas
    yellow polyps
    frog spawn
    green star polyps
    candy cane coral
    chili coral
    toadstool leather
    montiporia digita green(new frag)

    seachem cal,reef builder/reef buffer
    kent mag
    kent coral vit(every now and then)
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  7. divott

    divott Giant Squid

    Mar 23, 2009
    holland landing, ontario ,canada
    90 gallon reef

    6 months old
    90 lbs live fiji rock + 40 lbs live sand
    30 gallon sump
    coralife 125 superskimmer.
    3 koralia 3's
    3x54 ho lights
    3x54 actinics
    phosban reactor
    carbon reactor.

    2 percula clowns
    foxfaced rabbitfish
    coral beauty
    carpenters wrasse
    flame angel
    purple tang

    4 mexican turbo snails
    20 zebra snails
    3 hermit crabs
    4 brittle\bristle stars
    volcano star
    crocea clam

    green star polypsx2
    toadstool leather
    finger leather
    bubble coral
    plain zoas
    java brain

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  9. coldmarineguy

    coldmarineguy Flamingo Tongue

    Jun 14, 2009
    new zealand
    300 Gallon Temperate reef!

    300 gallons of real ocean water collected locally.
    BIOTOPE...Thousands of jewel anemones/corallimorphs,living on collected rock specimens...nudibranch/starfish/glass prawns/sea urchins/striped anemone/
    FILTRATION..3X Eheim canisters...1X Eheim wet/dry canister....Red Sea Berlin Skimmer...1HP Hailea chiller...Echotec Marine powerhead.

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  10. ajd916

    ajd916 Astrea Snail

    May 1, 2009
    (check out my new tank thread as i transition this tank to my sump/fuge)
    37 gallon tall
    coralife 36w 30" t5 dual linear 10k daylight/true actinic
    coralife 1w blue led moonlight
    40 lb live rock
    35 lb live sand
    marineland biowheel 200
    hydor koralia 2

    dogface puffer
    spotted leopard wrasse
    7 green chromis
    yellowheaded jawfish

    all the beauties you see plastered to the back of my tank. and you thought keeping corals was hard...;D

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  11. sean_p_f

    sean_p_f Sea Dragon

    Dec 17, 2007
    NE Ohio
    Figured since I tore down the 72 bow and replaced it with a 150 I would add it here as well. So here goes.


    150 Gallon RR
    200 lbs +/- Live Rock
    160 lbs Argamax Fiji Pink Sand

    Sump- Custom Made 48"x18x18
    Skimmer- Reef Octopus Extreme 300
    Return Pump- Mag Drive 18
    Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor 150 x 2 (1 with carbon and 1 with phosban)
    250 W Metal Halide with Radium 20K bulbs X3
    Galaxy Dual 250W Ballast
    Galaxy 250W Ballast
    60" Atinic VHO Bulbs X2
    Icecap 660 Balast
    Maxi Jet 1200 with Surflow Mod X3
    ReefKeeper 2 Controller
    Aqualogic 1/2 HP Chiller
    Aqualogic Temp Controller
  12. ardo_ski

    ardo_ski Peppermint Shrimp

    Nov 10, 2005
    Grand Blanc,MI
    Ardo's 150 Cube


    System Profile

    Dimensions: L X W X H : 36” x 36” x 27”

    Acrylic or Glass: Glass

    Thickness and Special Features: Marineland Deep Dimension 1\2” Thick

    System Water Volume: 125 gallons

    Main Tank Size: 150 Gallon

    Sump size: 30 Gallon

    Refugium: (yes/no, size, what is in it) Yes – Cheato and Deep Sand bed

    Skimmer: (yes/no, what kind) Yes – Octopus DNWB-200 External

    Return Pump: (yes/no, what kind) – Reeflo Snapper

    Water Movement: 2 x Tunze 6100 on Multi Controller looking to add 2 6055 or maybe a wavebox.

    Lighting (display): (yes/no, what kind) Yes – 10 T5HO – 4 Giesemann Aquablue Plus connected to IceCap. 6 ATI Blue Plus connected to 2 Workhorse ballast. Reflectors are Sunlight Supply TEK II

    Lighting (sump): (yes/no, what kind) Compact Florescent Flood Light

    Cooling: (yes/no brand) No – Other than fan in sump in the summer

    Calcium Reactor: (yes/no brand) Yes – Reeftek 18” with PH Probe in Reactor

    Miscellaneous Equipment and Additives: Currently dosing Brightwell MB7 along with their Kalk2. Soon to start Vodka dosing. I run 2 filter socks and switch them out weekly.

    ATO – Using a JBJ ATO connected to a reservoir in the basement that provides Kalk water for topoff.
    RO\DI Filter Setup – 5 Stage with 2 DI canisters
    Heater is 500 Watt controlled by Rancho Controller
    CA RX is controlled by a Pinpoint PH Controller with Probe in the reactor
    Type of salt used: Tropic Marin since 2004 never had a reason to switch.

    Feeding: (what kind of food/how often) Fish are fed every other day a combination of Frozen PE Mysis, Mysis and Brine. Twice a week I put some nori in a clip for the tangs.

    Corals are fed by the fish J

    What is your maintenance schedule like? Try to test water on a weekly basis, but never go more than 2 weeks on testing Calcium and Alkalinity.

    Water changes are done 1 to 1.5 weeks and about 10 to 15 gallons. In order to make it easier I have 2 50 gallon drum in my basement. One is for RO Water and the other is Salt water. This really helps me maintain my water change schedule having this water already premixed.

    * Calcium: 380 – 400 Handled by calcium reactor – Tested once a week
    * Alkalinity: 7 to 8 Handled by calcium reactor -Tested once a week
    * Nitrite: 0 – Hardly ever tested
    * Nitrate: 0 – but feel this is due to some algae issues – every 2 weeks to once a month
    * Phosphate: 0 – every 2 weeks to once a month
    * Magnesium: 1200 to 1300 – Test every 2 weeks – doing regular water changes and using Brightwells Kalk2 maintain the levels
    * specific gravity: 1.025
    * Temperature: 80 to 81
    * pH: 7.8 to 8.2

    Test Kits Used
    Lamotte – Calcium and Alkalinity
    Mereck – Phosphate
    Salifert – Mag, Nitrite and Nirate
    PH – Pinpont PH Monitor
    Temp – Pin Point Wireless temperature monitor.



    Yellow Tang – 3” 3 years
    Sailfin Tang, Desjardini – 3” 6 months
    Kole Yellow Eye Tang – 4” 10 Months
    Red Mandarin – 3”
    Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse
    Lyretail Anthias
    Longspine Cardinalfish 4 ea
    False Percula Clownfish – 2 ea – Orange\White and Black\White


    Teal Millepora (Acropora Millepora)
    Palmers Bluel Millepora (Acropora Millepora)
    Super Man Millepora (Acropora Millepora)
    Sunset Millepora (Acropora Millepora)
    Light Blue Rufus (Acropora Rufus)
    Red Ocellina (Cyphastrea Ocellina)
    Green Cap (Montipora Capricornis)
    Orange Cap (Montipora Capricornis)
    Green base Blue tips Acropora turaki
    Blueberry Acropora granulose
    Purple-tipped Acropora deswali
    Green Slimer Acropora sp.
    20K Leagues Lokani (Acropora Lokani)
    Purple Monster
    Sunset Montipora
    Rainbow Montipora
    Hammer Coral Light Green Euphyllia sp.
    Red\Green Favia
    Red\Green Acanthastrea Lordhowensis
    Green\Orange Acanthastrea echinata
    Variety Zoanthids/Palythoas


    Black foot tiger trochus snails 24 to 36
    Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
    Brittle Sea Star Black\Brown – Hitch Hiker on my first piece of live rock I bought in 2004 from Pruess Pets
    Peppermint Shrimp – 4ea
    Bulb Anemone – Mini 4 ea

    Link to my tank thread