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by zesty at 7:50 AM
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You are laying in bed and you have to pull a bunch of stash hairs out because there was super glue on the cap you were using your mouth to hold onto while glueing frags.

Whooooweeee that was an eye-watering pull!

What else do you have?
by Matt Rogers at 10:20 PM
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Check out this nice picture of asterina starfish eating my SPS coral today. Little buggers. I am rather found of that coral. It has beautiful coloration and great polyp extension. I just don't get it. Although I have had asterina starfish in my aquarium for years, I still am not sure if they are opportunistic or predatory. In this case, I believe they are predatory. That coral has been booming for some time now and rather bullet-proof. Yet last week, I glanced over and smack in the middle was a bone white branch with a starfish on it. The picture below is from tonight and on the lower left branch, there are two of them munching away. Interestingly, the tip of the branch they are on is still green, they appear to be working their way up from the base. It was 9 years ago, when I posted - these pics - when I had some going over montipora. Sigh. Someday I will find some big bongo...
by Av8Bluewater at 4:49 PM
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Did you know Puffer fish are artist?
(click photo.. it's a video :) )
by hectat2 at 11:44 AM
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I make this protein skimmer today with a sobe bottle[emoji57] look like is working
by Matt Rogers at 11:19 PM
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Now live is the ability for phone users to upload multiple files at once instead of one at a time. Beta testers needed! iPhone, Samsung, Droid users please test on this thread. Thank you. :beatnik2:

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