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by mr_tap_water at 2:24 PM
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by Turbo's Aquatics at 7:11 PM
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Filmed this today while making a batch of L2 screens

by Swisswiss at 12:51 AM
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It was not easy to get my hands on one but it finally happened...I think I may be the only person in Switzerland to own a 29 coralife biocube...

The reason I wanted to get my hands on this model so badly was because iv read many posts of people "modding" them, and that appealed to me very much....plus I had some equipment catching dust so I figured "why not"....

the Idea behind this tank was to provide a new home for my black and white occelaris that is in my 120g with two true percula. The occelaris often starts the "fights" with the male percula but usually looses them, also due to the fact my fat female percula comes in and clams everything right down...
I have noticed that the occelaris fins are often damaged, nothing major, but clearly a situation of tension that im hoping to alleviate....plus Ill be able to get him a mate of his own in the new system.

thats it in terms of stocking though, the rest of the inhabitants will be corals, mostly frags from my 120g

by scaquariums at 10:57 AM
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Hello Guys Check out this Reefer's 24g All In One Aquarium. Give me a call or email, come visit the Site
Thanks Steve!

[email protected]

by MarineDepot at 9:26 AM
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