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by MarineDepot at 11:21 AM
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We've been working harder to keep the content on our blog fresh, so we thought we'd do a quick post to share some of the cool stuff we've put up lately in case you missed it!


Filter Media Guide: Carbon, GFO and BioPellets


SPS Corals for Beginners, Part 1

by scajeo at 8:13 PM
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I've been slowly gathering parts and equipment a little while now and just started to put things together. I'm working on getting everything as close to automatic as possible using the apex controller for quite a bit. I am hoping for 35 gallons of ready saltwater and 12 gallons of RO/DI. Below is a rough idea of what I have planned.

A few things I'd like to add down the road would be:
1) I'd like to see about getting some sort of bin that I can mount in the attic and fill with salt. Have that come through the ceiling and then pull a handle and the pre-measured salt would fall right into the brute. No more having to measure a cup at a time.
2) Auto water change out. Done though the DOS from apex but I need to do a little more research before I take that big plunge.

by eshopps at 5:33 PM
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Valentine's Day is around the corner, what would a great gift other than roses & chocolate? Who doesn't LOVE this most advanced Nano sump for a sweet Valentine's Day?
All you need to do is share your story with us at www.eshopps.com/story (please make sure to leave us your contact information) You can be the lucky winner! Hurry up before it ends![​IMG]
by MarineDepot at 1:41 PM
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Enter our fish photo contest for a chance to win a Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer (a $399.99 value!)
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