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by Matt Rogers at 10:56 PM
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Move over ocean-life, here comes the Supersonic Submarine. A team of Chinese scientists recently said they have created a fluid sub design that can create an air bubble around the sub allowing it to travel at a much higher rate of speed with less friction. Apparently this is the 'drag car' of underwater propulsion - supercavitation - the Soviets developed it for torpedoes. They go fast in a straight line. But the Chinese scientist at Harbin have come up with a way to steer by altering the cavitation bubble with liquid on the exterior that creates friction. Just read it. Sounds like a dangerous thing to test out - and not just for the local fish. But so is drag racing.

Credit: SMP

by Matt Rogers at 12:28 AM
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by Matt Rogers at 7:32 AM
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The CAD Lights Aquariums new PLS-50 Elite protein skimmer truly is the "cutting edge of nano protein skimming" in that it is really small. So small with little details that when I pulled it out of the box I thought I was looking at a 1/10 scale protein skimmer model. I was not prepared for this. Somehow in the marketing details I missed the part that said "by removing the control pipes, valves, wedges etc. we have reduced the size by 40%." Indeed they have. And I'm not sure why. The 1st generation PLS-50 had a radically small footprint allowing for sump positioning, yet the skimmer itself was nearly average size. That was the genius of it even with its water line stability issue. In my mind that was all they needed to address with this updated version. But Cad Lights had other ambitions with the PLS-50 Elite by putting the 'nano' in nano. Read on for how it performs.

by Matt Rogers at 10:12 PM
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If you are a deep-sea diver looking to do something a little different, you might like to check out the underwater Spacecraft Cemetery. Ok, it's a little remote - 2400 miles due east of the capital of New Zealand in the South Pacific and it's a little deep at 2.4 miles, but, hey, that is closer than space! There are actual spacecraft there such as the complete MIR space station and oddities such as The Progress, a cargo spacecraft filled with 'waste.' Soon to follow may be the International Space Station itself. At that depth, you won't find much coral, but a blobfish in a space suit would be a nice pic.


by Matt Rogers at 10:28 AM
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Please help me congratulate 3reefer Steve Goldsmith - as winner of our Tip & Win contest ! A random number generator pulled his post. Enjoy that cool Cad Lights skimmer Steve! And thanks to all that played and shared reef keeping tips!
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