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by Windy at 2:28 PM
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BRT LArval rearing system
I have finished my larval system. It has a BRT (Black round tub) larval tank, hooked to a 50 gal sump and skimmer. The BRT has a central standpipe with a bubble ring on the bottom. This keeps the larva suspended in a kreisel type current and off the wall. The central standpipe can be adjusted for height to control larval volume. The central filter is removable for cleaning and is wrapped in 250 micron cloth. The water delivery to the BRT from the sump is designed to be very slow. I emerges just below the bubble ring and is part of the up flow. My goal is to cycle the larval water every 1-2 days. This a drip at best. The BRT drain is 1/4 tubing and it terminates in the sump above water so I can count the drops to estimate the turnover rate. Both tanks require heaters because of the extremely slow turnover rate.
I am now waiting to establish the next Neon Goby fry date and I will fill the larval system from the brood stock system and see how it goes....
by MarineDepot at 11:21 AM
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We've been working harder to keep the content on our blog fresh, so we thought we'd do a quick post to share some of the cool stuff we've put up lately in case you missed it!


Filter Media Guide: Carbon, GFO and BioPellets


SPS Corals for Beginners, Part 1

by scajeo at 8:13 PM
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I've been slowly gathering parts and equipment a little while now and just started to put things together. I'm working on getting everything as close to automatic as possible using the apex controller for quite a bit. I am hoping for 35 gallons of ready saltwater and 12 gallons of RO/DI. Below is a rough idea of what I have planned.

A few things I'd like to add down the road would be:
1) I'd like to see about getting some sort of bin that I can mount in the attic and fill with salt. Have that come through the ceiling and then pull a handle and the pre-measured salt would fall right into the brute. No more having to measure a cup at a time.
2) Auto water change out. Done though the DOS from apex but I need to do a little more research before I take that big plunge.

by eshopps at 5:33 PM
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by MarineDepot at 1:41 PM
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