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by mikejrice at 7:53 PM
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Distribution: Indo, African and Australian reef zones although uncommonly found
Coloration: Reds and greens though I've not seen only one specimen so far
Care level: Medium difficulty
Lighting requirements: Medium
Flow: Medium to high

SG: 1.023-1.026.
Calcium: 400-500.
Alk: 8-12.
Magnesium: 1350-1500.
Temperature: 76-82
Growth: Comparable to candy canes

Blastomussa wellsi is a commonly collected species of coral although there seems to be little reference to it's genera relative the blastomussa merleti. These smaller blastos which I've come to refer to as "micro-blastos" share nearly all attributes with common blastos other than their distinctly smaller polyp size. Typical corallites form at about half the size of their larger cousins' with tighter branching forms coming...
by MarineDepot at 11:00 AM
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Grow corals like a SPS Guru

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by johnmaloney at 1:18 PM
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The Contest:

Did you actually trust the neighbor kid to watch the tank while you were out of town? Have your fish trained you to feed them when they approach the glass? Then your tank is probably ugly! If so, good news! It is time. The 6th Ugly Tank Contest is open to contestants. We are looking for tanks that are ugly, neglected, and covered in slime.

The Rules:

Submissions must have a full tank shot (FTS). Only that picture will count towards the contest, but other supporting close up photos are appreciated.

You can reply to this thread to submit the photo.

Pictures must be submitted by June 30th.

We will be selecting the worst 7 tanks from those submitted. Each of these tanks will receive a $10 gift certificate. Each of the finalists will then vote for the tank they think is the worst, but are not allowed to vote for their own tank.

Winner gets a free custom clean up crew shipped to clean the tank, or a refund for any custom crew that was...
by Kevin Roen at 2:14 PM
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Hi everyone! I posted an intro a month or so ago, and since then have been researching and purchasing, and am finally ready to show off a little :). I'll keep updating this as I go. This forum has been a HUGE help in researching / planning, and my tank is going to be on the minimalist side, so it'll be a bit of a running experiment. Hopefully some of this info will be helpful to others!

The tank:

I went with the Artisan II 50g from Cadlights for several reasons. First, I wanted a stand that was NOT made from pressboard. This one's completely made from plywood, and it is STURDY. Second, I wanted the stand to be 3' tall at least - the shorter stands kept the tanks too low for viewing, I thought. And 3rd, it seemed pretty...
by Flaring Afro at 8:55 AM
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Took a decent video of my mantis shrimp. He's been doing well in his 5 gallon so far.

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