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by Kevin Roen at 2:14 PM
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Hi everyone! I posted an intro a month or so ago, and since then have been researching and purchasing, and am finally ready to show off a little :). I'll keep updating this as I go. This forum has been a HUGE help in researching / planning, and my tank is going to be on the minimalist side, so it'll be a bit of a running experiment. Hopefully some of this info will be helpful to others!

The tank:

I went with the Artisan II 50g from Cadlights for several reasons. First, I wanted a stand that was NOT made from pressboard. This one's completely made from plywood, and it is STURDY. Second, I wanted the stand to be 3' tall at least - the shorter stands kept the tanks too low for viewing, I thought. And 3rd, it seemed pretty...
by Anthony Danta at 7:04 AM
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Well got the new tank I will get pictures up as soon as I can but here is the equipment I went with

IM Nuvo 38
EcoTech Radion XR15W Pro
EcoTech ReefLink
Tunze 3155 Osmolator
Tunze 9004 skimmer
Cobalt Heater
Innovative marine midsize reactor
InTank basket(awesome upgrade)

1-Lightening Maroon Clown
1-Melanurus Wrasse
1-bubble tip anemone

Ricordea Mushrooms
War Coral
Rasta Frag
Green Zoa Rock
Purple/pink Zoa Rock
7-8 Headed Duncan
War Paint scoly
by Flaring Afro at 8:55 AM
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Took a decent video of my mantis shrimp. He's been doing well in his 5 gallon so far.

by MarineDepot at 12:31 PM
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Guest blog post by Tibbsy and MetroKat

Bacteria for Beginners, Part 1
Grab a drink, find a bacteria or trillion to cozy up with, find your favorite Snuggie, and let's talk about why you really should be welcoming your microbial overlords.
by Corailline at 9:49 PM
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Admittedly I have only had the ORA Lytechinus variegates for a month or so, but I wanted to pass along my observations.

Lytechinus variegates, native to warmer areas of the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. ORA has been aqua-culturing this Urchin type since 2010. See below


Behaviors: It's been my experience that all of the pincushion type urchins are decorators. For some reason unknown to me my urchin will pick up my ORA Borealis Acro frag, and carry it around until I intervene. Gluing the frag down has proven fruitless, no other frag just the Borealis. The urchin will carry hermits and rocks around as well.
Urchins are bulldozers and sometimes hazardous. My urchin recently removed the guard to my nanowave, not good....
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