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by Matt Rogers at 10:59 PM
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Ohhhh something fancy from SpectraPure. The SpectraPure MaxCap DI. Big fans here. RO/DI water at half the cost eh? Whatever, just give me that sweet digital readout. :)

Click to see the new SpectraPure MaxCap DI!
by Matt Rogers at 11:29 PM
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These magnet braced pumps are starting to pop up everywhere. The Koralia series from Hydor looks pretty cool. Thanks Covey for the heads up! 8)

I think the addition of suction cups around the magnets would help reduce vibrations.
MOre info: <a href="http://www.hydor.it/inglese/koralia.htm" rel="nofollow">Hydor</a> How much? When? Where? :)
by Matt Rogers at 8:34 PM
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NewTek 8 Outlet Powerstrip & 24hr Digital Timer:

* UL/CUL Approved
* 7 days Programable Digital timer
* Large LCD 24 hour display
* Easy to set up & use
* 4 outlet control by switch
* 4 outlet control by timer
* Timer control 2 blue (day time) outlet
* Timer control 2 Yellow (night time) outlet
* Day & night time outlets turn on & off alternately. They cannot be programmed independently of each other.
* 1 minute setting time
* 7 On/Off programs per day
* Replaceable memory battery
* Six setting buttons
* Heavy duty load - Grounded, 125V, 1875W
* 15A with 1 year manufacturer`s warranty
* 6ft power cord with 3-prong grounded plug & outlets
More info and price from Marine Depot

Funny... I was just having problems with my...
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