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220 Gallons of Eye Candy
  • The main display tank is 220 gallons mixed reef with a 110 gallon refuguim. The display is custom built into the wall.

    The Setup:

    The build all started with the purchase of my first house. It was known that a large aquarium was going to be part of the fun of renovating the new place. The idea was to use a third bedroom that shared a common wall with the living room, cut a giant hole and put the biggest tank that I could find inside of that hole. I could then use that third bedroom and turn it into my fish room.

    The main display is a 220 gallon (72Lx24Dx30H) standard tank with two overflow chambers. Under that sits a 110 gallon (72Lx17Dx16H) refuguim. The refuguim was custom built by me using the specs that I both wanted and needed for both functionality and maintenance. A 35 gallon brute trashcan is used for RO/DI auto top off with a standard float valve. In the basement of my house, is where I make and store both RO/DI fresh and saltwater. Drains and return lines are used to move the water from the basement to the fish room and from the fish room to the basement drain (great for water changes). My old 55 gallon mixed reef was broken down for this upgrade and made into a quarintine tank for new inhabitants.


    The main display is lit with (3) Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 HD. Return pump is a Jebao DC-12000 DC submersible pump. The protein skimmer is a Coral Vue Diablo DCS Series In-Sump DCS250, this thing is a beast. The wavemaker consists of (2) Jebao WP-60's with controller.

    Husbandry & Maintenance:

    Everyday I have a short check list that I go over as part of my regular maintenence. That includes, checking the skimmer, temperature, auto top off level, ect. Most of the everday checklist is visual but needs done. I test water parameters once a month. I feel you can best tell how your tank is doing by simply looking at it and its inhabitants. I feed both fish and coral using a variety of different foods from pellets to frozen cubes to homemade by yours truely, chef Dan. Auto top off is filled every few days due to water evaporation. Water changes occur every week that includes about a 20% change. Cleaning is done on the regular which includes sponges, skimmer, pumps, glass and rocks.

    • (2) B&W Ocellaris clownfish
    • (2) Banggai Cardinalfish
    • (1) Engineering Goby
    • (3 Blue/Green Chromis
    • (1) Vlamingi Tang
    • (1) Yellow Tang
    • (1) Yellow Clown Goby
    • (1) Pistol Shrimp
    • (1) Black Longspined Urchin
    • (1) White/Purple Shortspined Urchin
    • (3) Red Bubble Tipped Anenome
    • (1) Magnificent Foxface
    Coral include softies, lps, sps.
  • Aquarium:
    220 Gallons (72Lx24Dx30H)

    110 Gallons (72Lx17Dx16H)

    Protein Skimmer:
    Coral Vue Diablo DCS Series In-Sump DCS250

    (3) Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 HD

    Sump Pump:
    Jebao DC-12000 DC

    (2) Jebao WP-60's with controller

    Auto Top Off:
    35 Gallon Brute trashcan with standard float valve to sump

    Indo-Pacific Black Sand

    Kent Marine

    Water Filter:
    SpectraPure ProPlus 90 GPD RO/DI
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