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Siptang's 72g Bowfront tank
  • Richard (Siptang)'s 72g Bowfront Giant Frag Tank Aquarium.

    Why is it a giant frag tank?

    I get this question a lot. My tank is a tank of average Joes. 90% or more corals were bought as frag and raised from single polyp or from 0.5 to 1 inch nubs. You will still see frag plugs and shapes of frag plugs and discs everywhere. I have not spent more then $35 on any coral in my tank and got this collection on purely on trades with fellow hobbyists and on a good growth taking over my tank.

    My tank is to show everyone and anyone that if done smart and with patience, anyone can have a nice reef setup without breaking the bank.

    The Aquarium


    I have kept fish from very early age. Starting out from fresh water to help out my grandmother to first stepping into the world of reef tank during college sophomore year in 2002. I have stepped away from reef tanks and kept strictly fish only system for 4-5 years until I tragically lost my toddler son to SUDS. Losing my mind, I dove into a world that I told myself that I will never get into.

    World of Reef Tanks. This tank is a legacy and a gift to my son.

    Tank is 72g bowfront tank. It is plumbed into a custom made 20g Berlin style sump with 10g frag tank on the side.

    It is illuminated by 2 Rapid LED Onyx dimmable fixtures controlled by Blue Fish Controller.
    For filtration, I use Reef Octopus NWB 110, Two Little Fish 550 for GFO and 150 for carbon.
    Jebao DC 12000 will be used as main pump and will be hard plumbed using PVC manifold and valves to control all the water circulation from top to bottom.
    UV 18w and Ozone will be used sparingly to polish water from any type of parasites or bad free floating algaes.
    Koralin Calcium Reactor 150 is used with TLF Reborn media so that I never have to dose. (I'm too lazy)
    2 Jebao RW 15 as wave makers
    1 Sea Swirl as a additional flow from my return pump


    My routine is pretty locked down.

    I use Aqua Craft's Bio Sea salt mainly and if it's being maintained by someone else, Red Sea Coral Plus salt is used.

    Every other week 10 to 15 gallons is changed. Since the tank is bare bottom, it is easier for me to pick up all the detritus in the process.

    Once a month, week after my water change, I switch out my medias (carbon and gfo)
    I use Boyd Enterprise's Chemipure Elite and Blue once every 3 months on the return.


    1 Blue Throat Trigger (M)
    1 Sargassum Trigger
    1 Blue Hippo Tang
    1 Purple Tang
    1 Bali Aquarich Premium Picasso Clown
    1 Proaquatix Premium Blacker Ice
    1 Pylie Wrasse (M)
    1 Tonozukai Wrasse (M)
    1 4 line Wrasse
    1 Two spot Hogfish
    1 Hellfrich Firefish
    1 Christmas Wrasse
    1 Diamond Tail Wrasse
    1 Hybrid Mccosker Wrasse
    1 Bartlet's Anthias (M)

    I know I'm a fish hoarder. Don't judge me.

    Recently my tank has been getting a lot of press and I am very grateful to be featured.

    Finalist of Thomas Brown's Tank Wars Middle Weight Division. (Heart breaking loss but well deserved win to my fellow competitor Dennis!)

    Marine Aquarist Q3

    I won't post the link but Reef2Reef's Tank of the Month for August of 2014.
    Bulk Reef Supply's Tankspiration Winner


    Finalist for Korea Reef Club's Tank of the Year (Hopefully I will win!)
  1. SantaMonica
    I like "giant frag tanks" because you can sample so many more corals in the same space. I hope it's doing as well today.
  2. Pny
    First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.

    I'm really impressed by the incredible coral diversity in your tank. Well done!
    1. Siptang
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      Siptang, Dec 4, 2014