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by Zissou at 3:02 PM
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So I just picked this guy up from my lfs but I am drawing a blank on what I have. Fanworms, which are a super cool blue, and what type of coral are they burrowed into? IMG_1428.JPG
by MarineDepot at 9:05 AM
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by insanereefer420 at 6:12 AM
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Well its been about 2 months since ive posted anything. In that 2 months ive had some issues. I had a power outage for a week when something chewed some wires in the walls....joy....over that week i lost id say close to 85 percent of my tank. I mean literaly had a small colony of zoas, my clownfish, my chromis, A hermit and some snails. I wasnt heavily stocked yet otherwise i may have been really heartbroken. Well this was about 1month ago. So i decided to give my good buddy what was left of my stock and start over.

I decided to build a stand and canopy this time around. I have to say ill never buy a stand again. Enjoying the process of this. Been slow only really getting to work on it for like 30 mins a day or so when i get home. My new job and 2 year old consume a lot of my time. I'm in no real hurry though. My idea for the stand is a more rustic looking stand. I built the frame from 2x4s for the stand and 1×2 for the canopy. My wife complained about the leds brightness above tank...
by MarineDepot at 8:48 AM
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by mr_tap_water at 11:24 AM
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My name is Grant been doing reefing on and off since the mid 70s I currently have a 650L mixed reef which has been running seven years now. And will be hoping to contribute and pick up lots more tips from you guys in the near future.

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