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Discussion in 'Diseases' started by shadyzee, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Vinnyboombatz

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    U.V. sterizers don't kill anything(for the most part) but instead sterilize it so it cannot reproduce.I have never used one and have never had Ich. Being able to tell exactly what is working and why is much more complex then simply saying I have had Ich problems before but haven't since I added a U.V. is not a real scientific qualifier that a piece of equipment is working.IMO Ich problems are from overcrowding,Malnutrition, and/or stress from disease.There are many diseases a fish can get and there are no sure signs (in most cases) exactly what is going on unless a necropsy is done.Maybe the fish have to be sick already before the Ich parasite can attack or get sick during the outbreak.:-/
    There are some very simple ways to avoid Ich without the use of a sterilizer.Heres some.;D
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    Sep 8, 2010
    It is a dry heat, yeah right !
    It's a VERY rare tank or fish that does not harbor the parasite. It's an opportunistic parasite that becomes problematic when fish become stressed.

    An established tank with tangs that experiences a decline in water conditions and or a crash will see symptomatic ich.

    Research has found that parasite in the gills of almost all newly collect fish from the wild. Those fish are then transported and acclimated that stress causes the parasite to become symptomatic.

    Across the board all experts and distributors speak to stress and the development of ich. From Liveaquaria to Reef Keeping Magazine and everything in between.