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My DIY 210 gal Sump Refuig

Hi,<br />
At long last as promised here are a few pictures of my monster sump going through...
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At long last as promised here are a few pictures of my monster sump going through it's water test. I know it hard to get a feel for the size of the beast, so I'm including one that includes my daughter. It's 98% done. I have a couple of internal leaks to fix and one very slow external where it was banged while being moved. Otherwise I just have to drill the through hulls and mount some plumbing brackets. It is 96x30x18. That gives me about 210 total capacity for over flow purposes and about 165 during operation. The sump section holds about 62 and the refug holds about 55. The rest of the capacity is taken up by the skimmer section and the return section.
I'm out of town again next week so I'm hoping to finish every thing up and begin to run the plumming Thanksgiving weekend.

What do you think?
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  2. calireefer
    Where did you buy your acrylic and how can I learn how to do that.
  3. zack20g
  4. Sea
    omg! it is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!
    daaaaaaaaang! she could use it as a pool
    I am currently bowing to you. That's amazing! When you have time, can you write up a little how to for us newbies that may want to try something like this. YOU ROCK!