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Pregnant Six Line Wrasse Hawaiian Flame Wrasse Coralline Pregnant Six Line Wrasse 6 Line 6line Coral Banded Shrimp looking for Wrasse eggs wrasse1 wrasse1 Pregnant Six Line Wrasse FairyWrasse Pregnant Six Line Wrasse wrasse2 Pregnant Six Line Wrasse Lunare (or moon) wrasse Lunare (or moon) wrasse
  1. coral reefer
    coral reefer
    Hey Jason! How are ya?
    Those Wrasses are awesome! I have one and have had it for some time now with no problems at all. Adds a nice splash of color to my reef tank as so many wrasses do! GOOD LUCK with yours! and your tank...take care talk soon!
  2. R34dawn
    very nice pic I wish i found one that color
    the lfs was dry out that day
  3. Zectra
    Sweet pic brother! Love your tank! Big fan.
  4. Jason McKenzie
    Jason McKenzie
    Unfortunately this little guy had a heart attack during the transfer to my 370G and didn't make it