World First. In a Way. WYSIWYG REEL Reef Aquacultured Rock with videos.

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    Apr 28, 2011
    100% WYSIWYG Complete with youtube video and images for each and every box you order. This rock is honestly some of the nicest most unique rock we have ever sold. We are saving the reefs one box at a time..Pick up yours today as all orders ship for free.

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    Reel Reef Comparison On Reef Builders

    Introduction Video

    Box #1
    Box #2
    Box #3

    Supporting new eco friendly products like REAL REEF are not only good for the future of our hobby, but good for the coral reef environment we all love so dearly. It's support on aquacultured products like REAL REEF that shed positive light on our industry as a whole. It's another way to finally practice what we all have been preaching for years.

    It's products like Real Reef that need to be talked about more. Help educate the hobbyist and spread the good positive word about famred products. It's good for the environment, good for the hobby, good for our soul and good for business. Thanks again and keep spreading the good word!