"Why should I switch vendors and go with SpectraPure?"

Discussion in 'SpectraPure' started by SpectraPure, May 24, 2012.

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  1. SpectraPure

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    Sep 10, 2009
    "Why should I switch vendors and go with SpectraPure?"

    First and formost - performance. We design and manufacture our products, as we have been doing since 1985. Our membranes are carefuly selected and extensively tested after an in-house proprietary treatment to increase productivity and enhance rejection. All of our membranes go through extensive QA/QC prior to sale. We know that even a 1% improvement in rejection will save you money in increased DI life.

    All of our DI resins and mixtures are compounded here by us; and again, after extensive in-house QA/QC. Our laboratory has thousands and thousands of dollars worth of instruments and equipment that enable us to do this, and to develop even better performing resins and mixtures. Also, Spectrapure pioneered DI for aquatic use, developing and marketing the first silica-specific removal DI cartridge for aquarium use.

    Over the years we have probably rejected more DI resin than some of our competitors have sold recently. We test every lot and every batch. We are the premier supplier of specialty resins to a variety of university, research, and government entities. We use this expertise for our high-tech applications base and select solutions that will benefit the aquatics/marine market. There are literally hundreds of DI resins available and they are not all the same; nor is formulating a cartridge as easy as pouring some resin into a shell. There is a lot that goes into the entire process. We have industrial customer applications that, if our DI fails, will cause at least $200,000 damage to equipment and subsequent shutdown of critical support equipment, usually in far off places where help is not close or nice.

    We do have sales often. For example, our current monthly Sale Page can be found here - http://www.spectrapure.com/email/customer-appreciation.html

    Our standard DI cartridges are on sale for $18-$20. If you would like over 30% more (Super High Capacity) DI, they are on sale for $24. Our standard membranes are $35 and our Select series are $45.

    We have been in this business since 1985, and a long time supporter here on this forum alone with a read count of over 100,000. We try to educate, inform, and answer questions here and on two other forums (soon to be 4). We also have started a television channel to improve our service. Our customer service crew has over 75 years of combined reef tank experience. We have a tank here in our office that we experiment on with new product development and for our pleasure. We are hobbyists too!

    Spectrapure has a number of patents and trademarks, and is investing in the future of the market to bring new products and innovations to the user. We are a small family-owned business with multiple generations all working together with plans for the future. We build everything here in Tempe Arizona (USA) with pride, and stand behind our products for over a quarter century. We have over 100 combined years of ultra-high purity water system experience and see ourselves as technologists with a bent for ultimate performance at reasonable cost.

    Please, read our threads, and if you have any questions I can answer, just ask. I am one of the owners.

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  3. tom.n.day

    tom.n.day Eyelash Blennie

    May 17, 2011
    I use your product and would highly recommend it to others
  4. silor

    silor Sea Dragon

    Oct 16, 2009
    Las Vegas
    Same here great product ane outstanding customer service!