Whats wrong with my Birdsnest?

Discussion in 'Coral Health' started by familiar1985, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers Kingfish Staff Member

    Dec 31, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    In addition to the other suggestions you might want to raise your magnesium to 1400. My old birds nest responded well to that.
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  3. BluePhish

    BluePhish Teardrop Maxima Clam

    Oct 2, 2007
    Buffalo N.Y.
    i dont think its a fish or invert thats doing that. it looks to general over the whole coral. if it was a coral eater it prob be more like 1-2 big patches of flesh and polyps missing. if that makes any sense.

    what kind of lights are you using? MH/T5/pc/ ?

    it really could be a lot of things:-/ i had a green pocilliapora damcricornis do the same thing on only one of its branches tho, and it grew back within 2 months or so. and now looks awsome. i blamed mine on too much t5 light too fast.

    just keep your parims up and STABLE. make sure you keep your kh up near 10. mine look best at 10/460/1300-1400 salin 1.026(sg changes also can cause bad things to happen)
  4. familiar1985

    familiar1985 Bristle Worm

    Nov 24, 2008
    Beverly Hills
    Im positive that its some critter. Some polyps got ate of my red planet acro. Im keeping them both covered at night until i catch watever this lil **** is. The birdsnest is recovering very well with protection at night, i expect it to look like it did before in a couple days.

    i have been trying to catch watever is doing this for the last 2 nights. I setup drinking bottle traps. 3 everynight. I caught my fire shrimp and put him in fuge. My cleaner shrimp died inside of the trap. Really sucks i had no clue they could die like that. I was extremely mad to find dead guy in morning. I caught a buncha hermits also. Havnt caught the peppermint shrimp or anything else? What else can i try? At this rate it can take me a year to catch watever this is. Can i take out all my shrimps that i can catch and put some kind of shrimp killer in tank?