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Discussion in 'OC Reef Aquatics' started by Matt Rogers, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Apr 21, 2010
    United States
    How does anyone feel about Red Mangroves? I know this is an age old question... looking to see if anyone has anything new. Before I chat a little about them, I have some in stock right now, they're fairly nice seedlings with leaves. I noticed foster and smith is selling them for $16.99, I'm selling mine for $9.99 on sale. I have 7 left as of today 4/25/10

    From keeping them myself I believe they should be kept separately in their own illuminated refugium or sump area; and you won't see a significant difference in water quality in less you have a few of them. In conclusion a fun natural plant to have, and watch grow. I found a youtube video of some growing out of the back of a Jebo nano, I kind of like this, notice the roots have intertwined together to keep each other stable. I'm not sure how healthy they are though...

    YouTube - Marine Mangroove Nano Aquarium 20L JEBO R331