Warner Marine developing new non-woven fibrous version of its successful ecoBAK

Discussion in 'Warner Marine' started by Jon Warner, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Jon Warner

    Jon Warner 3reef Sponsor

    May 11, 2010
    Southern California
    ecoBAK is a biologically degradable copolymer produced through bacterial fermentation. ecoBAK is the most positively reviewed "Bio-Pellet" type product in the hobby, holding market share and is unique in formulation amidst a multitude of similar products.

    Warner Marine is currently exploring applications for a new non woven fiber version of its proprietary copolymer. ecoBAK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that can be formed into a high tech engineered fabric that is produced from long fibers of copolymer material that is mechanically spun into a web like structure under heat

    ecoBAK Non Woven Fiber (NWF) may have a number of aquarium and pond related applications. The design is well suited to filter cartridges, rigid sheets and flexible pads in freshwater, pond and marine aquarium environments. With sufficient pre-filtration, ecoBAK NWF is durable and long lasting and is extremely efficient as a denitrifier. In marine aquariums, ecoBAK NWF also reduces Phosphates when used in conjunction with a protein skimmer in a marine aquarium although this effect is not as efficient as use of the pelletized formulation.

    ecoBAK NWF offers distinct advantages over a pelletized solid Carbon source. The material can be placed in more locations, can be placed in traditional canister filters, incorporated into filter cartridges and is well suited to the freshwater and marine aquarium, commercial and home pond markets.

    Warner Marine is currently working on methods of sharing the product and technology through licensing or other forms of agreements.