Vital Sine pH & Temp Gauge

Discussion in 'Product Review Archives' started by Apophis924, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. Apophis924

    Apophis924 Astrea Snail

    Oct 27, 2002
    I give this item a thumb down!! very poor product, the idea is good but perofmance is horrible. I rec'd two of these meters, one for my 20H nano and the other for my 10 gal mantis tank. i figure with it having a temp and ph probe in one that is one less probe in my tank. Well first i calibrated it with sol 7.0 and 10.0 along with my pin point monitor and my hanna hand held ph pen. Well the pin point and the hanna had a difference of .03 ph units. these Vitra sine were off by more than 1.5 ph units after calibration. In fact they never really stabilized. I had the probes of BOTH vita sine meters in ONE container of 7.0 buffer and i was getting TWO different ph levels and TWO different temp readings well outside of normal variations. I have since packed them up and sent them back the same day i got them. I checked the temp with a simple glass thermometer and a hand held IR no contact laser reader, again these vita sines were Well outside accpetable ranges for temp variations. they did not agree with my standards in fact they did not agree with eachother. Stay away form this item and stick what works Pin point monitors, reeffantic or the Milwaukee ones, they are tried and true. If i had just got one meter i would understand but i ordered TWO brand new vita sine meters and both were substandard, Not even SchlepRock's luck is that bad. They do feel pretty solid and heavy But beyond being a paper weight i have no use for them. [smiley=annoyed.gif]