UV vs. Algae

Discussion in 'Algae' started by Pipe_Organ, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    When I saw it my eyes went wide this thing is a monster.
    I am in semi shock.

    OK this may take some time to figure out just what is the right way to hook this monster up.
    First question what would be the perfect pump for this?
    I may have to re-do everything in the sump... I need a weeks vacation to do that.
    The in and out port on this thing are slip type and was wonder if we can down size them by half. If not I will be selling it on ebay,,,maybe.
    Looking for some ideas here fellas.
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  3. Gresham

    Gresham Great Blue Whale

    Nov 7, 2002
    SF/Monterey Bay Area, CA
    When you open it up, if its on its side, it spills the contents (water) out. If its upright when openned, nothing falls but a few drops from the bulb.

    The deal with UV is contact time and bulb strengh. The quicker you move water thru it, the less it can kill. I'm not sure of the specs, but whats it say about 600gpm or so flowing thru it? IF it can't handle that, then simply T off your return line, add 2 ball valves and your in business. Just simply divert the needed flow into the UV then into your tank. I guess I'd also add another ball valve after the UV and true unions on booth side of the UV for any removal that might need to take place.

    Downsizing the ports should do anything to performance, ours were downsized at the shop I worked at.
  4. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    The max GPH is 780
    read that it does not matter about down sizing the PVC.
    If on it's side where would the spill come from?
    I am not sure if I want to change the return plumbing of my tank so was thinking about just adding a smaller pump if I can fit it into the sump. May take out the rest of the bio balls so I can use the space there. or put pump under bio balls and drill through them and out to the UV and back to the sponge between them and the main return pump.
    Do the reducers and make them barbed ended and put vinyl tubing to and from UV and this way I am more flexible on where to stand the UV and I can return the flow anywhere.
    Need more options I think.
  5. mojoreef

    mojoreef Bristle Worm

    Nov 12, 2003
    the unit it submersable with the exception of the top. I would just reduce down to a PH and submerse the whole unit leaving the top portion clear of the waterline in your sump. you looking for slow flow so a small Ph will work fine, thier should be no bubbles generated by the unit so no worries thier. The unit you purchase are designed to run inline with more UV's and various other components the manufactures sell, thus the over all concept.

  6. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    Here is the problem.... I have no room in the sump where I have my pumps.
    I could either take out the bio balls or modify the lid with a hole and let the UV filter go through the bio balls with the pump below them.
    One concern would be the pump getting clogged up.
  7. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    Do you think this would work or would it be a bigger pain in the rear?
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  9. Craig Manoukian

    Craig Manoukian Giant Squid

    Dec 15, 2002
    Marina del Rey, California
    Awesome diagram Dave. I'm no help here, but it looks like it would work as scetched. How often do you clean the sponge?
  10. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    I replace the sponge when it getts clogged.
    I am not sure this thing will stand up in the stand.
    Once I really start the plans I willmeasure everything.
    If I do the sump thingy I thinking about taking the bio balls out and cutting the lid to the bio ball so I will just have the bulk head coming from the tank there. Move it to the corner and add a clollection bag. Maybe extend the bulkhead and add a pipe to it and have it about 2 inches from the surface of the water level in the sump. Put a nylon bag on it for media etc...
  11. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    OK the UV filter will fit under the tank in the stank.
    One issue is that I think the power cord will touch the inside top of the stand.
    I am not sure but it could be really close.

    Like Gresham said this should be the last filter before the water goes into the tank.
    So till looking for options here.
    I have an in sump 700 MAG pump. and no room in the sump pump area.
    Hooking up to the MAG 7 would decrease the water volume back into the tank.

    I am leaning towards an other small pump and putting it under bio balls then to UV sitting behind the stand and plumb it back into sump area above sponge. what do you guys think?
  12. szidls

    szidls Feather Duster

    Jan 24, 2004
    Lynnwood, WA
    Sounds Good Nautilus..........A simple closed loop from the sump to the UV and back to the sump. I did basically the same thing on girlfriends 150 gal African chiclid tank. I ran a J- tube on each end of the tank and plummed the sterilizer and an Ehime pump inbetween. Water in one side and back in the other side. One problem. She forgot to unplug UV during water change.........Water level drops past J-tube inlet.......pump runs dry and UV is toast. She dosn't make that 200 dollar mistake again. Plus I lengthend intake pipe to almost bottom of tank .
    Your set-up in the sump should not have that problem. I have used UV on 3 different FW tanks and greatly reduced alge . Hope that helps.
    Scott 8)