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Discussion in 'Tropical Fish' started by jeeprider, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. jeeprider

    jeeprider Astrea Snail

    Mar 18, 2009
    I tried to put a Clown trigger in a tank with a Picaso trigger. As soon as I put the Clown in, the Picaso took swipes at it. The clown was slightly smaller. I've since sent the Clown trigger back. Should I have waited or would the Picaso kill the Clown trigger?
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  3. Yellow Tang

    Yellow Tang Bubble Tip Anemone

    Feb 2, 2009
    i dont know much about triggers but yes the Picaso would of killed the Clown trigger
  4. TonysReef

    TonysReef Feather Duster

    May 6, 2009
    queens, NY
    I was in the same boat as u...i also love triggers i got a picasso trigger, niger trigger and wanted to introduce a baby clown trigger the LFS didnt tell me to be carefull when introduceing new triggers to a already trigger tank. As soon as i put the clown trigger in thier the picasso was darting at him and hitting hi pretty hard wasnt was more like a bullying act. This went on for about a half hour....what i did was change my aquascape a little to change alot of the territories around so when i did that the picasso stopped almost instant and left the clown trigger alone. i also shut the lights off so the little guy can relax for a little....its been almost a month and all my triggers are getting along. They all share the silversides and all hang out pretty much peacefull. My freind has a video of ordeal when i first dropped in my clowntrigger and u can see the picasso bullying him iam going to see if he can uppload to youtube for me.

    i think u should of waited, but i mite of been the lucky one. I also feed my triggers/lionfish before i dropped in the clown
  5. UltimateWarrior

    UltimateWarrior Spaghetti Worm

    Aug 13, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Triggers are mean. My cousin has an undulated trigger, and it has killed several hundred dollars worth of fish. Mean devil. But that's why we call it the aggressive tank; the fish in there are territorial. Lots of puffers, tons of hermits (for picking at), toad fish.

    Weird thing, with all the poor tempered fish in there, his pj cardinal is in perfect condition. Not so much as a nip on any of his fins.
  6. badforthesport

    badforthesport Plankton

    Sep 25, 2009
    San Gabriel Valley, CA
    I have a 125 gallon fish only tank with with a 5" Picasso Trigger, 6" Niger Trigger, 5" Undulated Trigger, 7" Miniatus Grouper, 6" Loin Fish, 2" Four Stripe Damsel and a 3" Tomato Clownfish.
    I think it always depends on the fish and his/her attitude.

    The Picasso is always on the move. Always swimming around holding his own and just being happy. He doesn't mess with anyone too much and watches us walk around and is always begging for food.

    The Niger spends alot of time swimming. He does his own thing and doesn't act too aggressive to anyone. but also has his own Territory in the rock that he spends alot of time Fighting or flexing on the Undulated.

    The Undulated i hear is a devil fish. Well mine is ALWAYS hiding or moving around in the rocks only. He never comes out or to the top of the tank. He runs the show down under and everyone says away from him. He will come out for food and take it back into the rocks.

    Miniatus Grouper is some what new to the tank and holds his own. he was tested a couple times but is fine now. he is very fast at feeding and spends time in the rock and swimming around begging for food. He also is a watcher when we are in the living room.

    The Lion seems a bit lazy and is alot slower then the Grouper. he does his own thing and nobody is aggressive towards him. He will turn to bit if a Trigger gets to close to him and they back off right away.

    Damsel looks like he needs a new home cause since the Grouper came he seems like he might turn into a meal.

    Clownfish is the same. He says on the top corner of the tank unless coming out to eat an then is right back up to his spot.

    Triggers will bump heads with each other but they just test the waters and thats about it. I love the little buggers. I'm gonna get rid of the Damsel and Clownfish and get a Clown Trigger.
  7. Mylastright333

    Mylastright333 Plankton

    Nov 12, 2016
    I have 3 triggers in a 125.
    First started with a Picasso 3 inch
    Then a month later added a 2 inch clown trigger.
    My Picasso automatically started chasing and picking away.
    I freaked out and decided to make a small hut or new shelter for the clown.. couple days go by of good monitoring and feeding. things turned out smoothly.
    My 3rd and final fish was a triangular trigger. I bought him at 4 inches.
    B4 adding him in I fed my two others well.
    When I dropped him in automatically again my Picasso went to town on him but this time was very brutal. I turned the lights off and added a small plastic hamster hut. couple days and everything went smoothly.
    That's what worked for me. But if your thinking of adding a super expensive trigger I would highly reconsider.