This Week at 3/7/2011

Discussion in 'Marine Depot' started by MarineDepot, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Here's whats new this week!


    CoralVue 250 / 400 HQI All Aluminum Pendant

    Introducing the new 250/400 HQI pendant. The pendant accepts both 250 Watt and 400 Watt HQI bulbs by simply adjusting the ceramic lamps sockets. These pendants are built to last, made from Aluminum, which is powder coated and guaranteed to never rust. The computer designed reflector system incorporates the 95% reflectivity of “Alanod Miro 4”, the best reflective material available. $149.99


    CoralVue Electronic Metal Halide Ballast

    These ballasts do not overdrive the bulb, so output will be at the bulb manufacturer's specifications. By using a constantly changing, very high frequency, the ballast will light any bulb without flicker. Longer bulb life and other features makes this the best ballast for all metal halide applications. Does not come with Molex connector. 4" wire leads included. The patented operating system allows you to save energy without compromising light output. By applying lower voltage across the lamp, energy consumption is reduced and lamp life is expected to increase. $129.99 to $199.99


    CoralVue VHO 120VAC 60Hz 660 Ballast

    Vue Ballasts are the coolest ballasts available using 40% less electricity and burning 40% brighter. Their unique circuitry prevents premature lamp burn out and fading associated with VHO lamps. You can run VHO, HO, and STD lamps in any combination. The Vue 660 is a versatile and powerful ballast perfect for your aquarium lighting system. One ballast can operate any combination, up to 4 lamps, with a total not exceeding 440 Watts. The 660 is fully dimmable (T12 VHO bulbs only), operates silently, has many available features, is fully repairable and has a 3 year conditional warranty. $159.99


    Azoo Flexible Aquarium Cooling Fan

    The adjustable 2 module cooling fans are suitable for aquariums up to 30 gallons. The adjustable 4 fan model is great for fish tanks up to 100 gallons. The easy-to-use clamp-on style securely holds the fans to the rim of your aquarium. Angle each fan individually for the ultimate in customization. Perfect for cooling aquariums and lighting equipment without adding an expensive chiller. Includes on/off switch. $39.99 to $59.99


    Azoo Small Aquarium Cooling Fan

    This small clip on cooling fan from Azoo is ideal for aquariums up to 15 gallons. The strong and efficient motor pushes a high volume of air across the aquarium surface to cool aquarium temperature from lighting and other equipment. High quality plastic construction in a small, sturdy and compact design. $29.99


    CPR First A.I.D. Deluxe Model - Isolation / Quarantine Tank

    CPR Aquatic's First A.I.D. kit is designed to automate and simplify the acclimation and introduction of aquatic animals into a new environment. Properly acclimating fish and coral significantly improves the animal's ability to make a smooth transition to its new environment without trauma, which often causes stress, disease and sometimes even death. The First A.I.D. kit is not just an acclimation device. It can also be used as an isolation tank so users can socially acclimate the animals to the other aquarium inhabitants. The First A.I.D. kit can also be used to dose liquid supplements into a sump as well as be used as a dipping station where coral or fish can be dipped prior to introduction to the tank. $44.99


    CPR AeroForce 2 Dual Pump Recirculating Protein Skimmer

    CPR's AeroForce2 is an innovative hang-on-the-back protein skimmer designed to filter your saltwater aquarium of its excess dissolved organic carbons. These organic carbons can contribute to unsafe water conditions for your fish and coral if left untreated. The AeroForce2 utilizes some of CPR's revolutionary hang-on designs from its BakPak series while also adding several features to enhance the AeroForce's overall effectiveness. A few of these features include a recirculating design with a dual pump system, removable inner body and a de-gassing water outlet. The dedicated feed pump allows users to select the appropriate amount of water to feed through the skimmer while the separate air pump produces a consistent amount of air, ensuring maximum waste collection. $199.99


    Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer 1 Gallon

    Adjusts and maintains pH to 8.3. Works with all types of filtration and will not disrupt the natural ionic balance of your aquarium. Will not cloud water. Excellent for marine, brackish, or alkaline freshwater use. 250 gram powder treats over 800 gallons. 500 ml liquid treats 1000 gallons. $59.99