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    Aquatronica Controller Unit Kit - Ethernet

    Aquatronica™ Marine Aquarium Kit - When there`s no room for error, protect your investment with an Aquatronica Environmental controller. The kit includes the following; Control unit, 6 way power board, PC Interface, Active Hub, Dosing Pump - 3 way, Water leakage Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water level Sensor, Density Interface, Density electrode, Redox Interface, Redox electrode, pH Interface, pH electrode, Electrode Holder, Calibration Solutions. $699.99 w/ free shipping

    Aquatronica Controller Unit Kit - Deluxe

    Aquatronica™ Controller Unit Kit - Deluxe is a package offering that combines the Aquatronica Controller Unit with the advanced equipment needed to connect and maintain the Aquatronica Controller Unit on a PC. This kit incudes; Controller Unit, 8-plug Power Center, Temperature Probe, pH probe, pH Interface, Water Level Sensor, Probe Holder, and USB PC Kit. $599.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica Controller Unit Kit - Starter

    Aquatronica™ Control Unit Kit - Starter is a package offering that combines the Aquatronica Controller Unit with the basic equipment needed to get started. This kit includes; Controller Unit, 8-plug Power Center, and Temperature Probe. $399.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica 12V Hydor Koralia Module

    Aquatronica™ Pump Dimmering Module is used to install and dimmer the Hydor Koralia pumps (12V model) on the Aquarium Controller systems by Aquatronica. This module is used to program the pumps connected via Controller and/or via PC (with the dedicated USB interface) to create Wave or Tide effects that can be dimmered. The versatility of the system means that the user can create many different effects using different pump combinations at different times of the day. Thanks to the possibility to combine the system with a day/night brightness sensor, the pumps are automatically set at minimum speed overnight, thus reducing the wave motion in the aquarium. The ability to manage up to 4 modules simultaneously on the same system (16 Koralia pumps), also allows the user to control a number of aquariums separately and to obtain very powerful effects in very large aquariums. $349.99 w/ free shipping

    Aquatronica Dosing Pump Module (3 pumps)

    Aquatronica™ dosing pumps guarantee the possibility of metering liquids in your aquarium. the module consists in 3 peristaltic pumps which function independently and allow the following types of dosage: single dosage: allows a pre-established quantity of the substance to be administered at a set time and on set days; repeated dosage: allows a dosage to be repeated at regular intervals (hours - days); weekly dosage: allows the desired dosage to be administered only on set days of the week; distributed dosage: the desired substance is administered evenly over a set time lapse. $299.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica Controller Unit Kit w/ Temp Probe

    Aquatronica™ Controller Unit Kit is the heart of the aquarium controller system. With this control unit the user can configure the settings of an aquarium and consult the data of the measurements taken. The graphics display makes programming much easier and allows the user to immediately and constantly check the parameters (graphic trends of readings). The main feature of the control unit is its ability to be reprogrammed with a PC do that all of the functions currently available and those which will be implemented in the future can be updated. $249.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica Power Unit

    Aquatronica™ Power unit with 8-Plug/6 BUS/2 temp/top-off ports. For piloting 115V devices in On/Off mode, suitable for connecting pumps, filters, lights, skimmers, etc. 115V. Maximum output power 1500W. $199.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica Multi Tester Controller

    Aquatronica™ Multi-Tester is an electronic device for measuring all the main values in an aquarium (Temperature, pH, Redox, Marine density, Conductivity, Level, Flooding) and for connecting dimmable lights to it. 2 interfaces (with relative probes) and the special “Easy Plug” power unit can be connected to the Multi-tester simultaneously: this allows the Multitester not only to detect the specific parameters of the aquarium (thanks to the interfaces) but also to correct them, by activating the devices connected to the multi-outlet. $179.99 w/ free shipping


    Aquatronica Salinity Density Electrode

    Aquatronica™ High Conductivity Electrode is used to measure the Conductivity value (density) in continuous immersion in salt water aquariums. This value can be displayed as Conductivity, Density, Specific Gravity and Salt level. It must be connected to the power unit through the dedicated interface. Thanks to the Aquatronica systems flexibility, it is possible to simultaneously connect and monitor several electrodes and interfaces on the same system. Measuring specifications: Measuring range: from 30mS to 70mS. Measuring resolution: 0.1mS. Hysteresis: Set by user. Set programmes: max. 20. Alarms: Audio and visual with thresholds set by user. Calibration: 1-point semi-automatic. Material: Plastic sensor with 2 graphite electrodes. Working temperature: from 15° to 35°C. $169.99

    Aquatronica Internet/LAN Ethernet Module

    Aquatronica™ Ethernet module and a remote connection, makes it possible to dialogue via internet or LAN networks. This allows the user to check the Aquarium Controller in two distinct ways: by connecting from any internet point, via a browser; by connecting to a LAN network. In both cases, you can monitor the parameters related to your aquarium and adjust the state of the outlets of the power unit. You can also receive warning e-mails for feasible alarms in the system and periodic information on the parameters of your aquarium. $129.99


    Aquatronica Redox/ORP Electrode

    Aquatronica™ Redox Electrode (ORP) is for measuring the ORP value in the aquarium in continuous immersion. It must be connected to the power unit through the dedicated interface. Thanks to the Aquatronica systems flexibility, it is possible to simultaneously connect and monitor several electrodes and interfaces on the same system. $109.99


    Aquatronica 12V Tunze Pump Module

    Aquatronica™ Tunze® Pumps Module enables 12V Tunze® motion pumps to be controlled by the Aquarium Controller System. The module allows the user to utilize the Controller and/or a PC (through a USB interface) to set up one or more programs that produce a dimmable wave or tide effect using the pumps connected to the system. The module permits connection to the pumps and replaces the Single Controller or Multicontroller. With its great flexibility, the system can reproduce a host of effects using various combinations of pumps at different times of the day. Also, when connected to a day/night brightness sensor system (optional), it can automatically reduce pump operation to minimum speed during the night, which diminishes the wave action in the aquarium. The ability of the system to handle up to 4 modules (16 pumps) at the same time also allows the user the control multiple tanks separately and obtain very powerful effects in large tanks. $104.99

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