The Dreaded Ich

Discussion in 'Diseases' started by kcbrad, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. mocarski

    mocarski Bristle Worm

    Sep 29, 2009
    I,m not sure why there is still so much confusion and misinformation still out there about ich. The bottom line is that there are only three known ways to get rid of it and no easy ways. Hyposalinity, copper, and running the tank without any fish are it. If you haven't done one of these the ich is still there

    Ich goes through four stages over a loose 6 to 8 week period in its lifecycle and you can only are it during one. Too many people mistakenly think they got rid of it because they can't see it and then it shows up down the road.

    It is not easy to get rid of and even harder to keep it out of a tank and you can live with it without it being too big an issue, but it can also be a timebomb in your tank.

    Unless you are prepared to put a good deal of time and effort to be rid of it and your fish are generally ok and eating I would agree with the suggestions of boosting the immune system and living with it. But don't mistake that for getting rid of it completely. It will still be in your tank.

    I just went through the pain and effort of eliminating it cause I was about to lose a number of fish to it after two years of successfully living with it.

    If you want more info about how to truly get rid of it email me or take a look at the how to rid ich library article on the home page of my club's website.

    Good luck with it.
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  3. infamous

    infamous Corkscrew Tentacle Anemone

    Sep 4, 2008
    Actually there are thousands of variations of marine Ich, some can lay dormant, survive hypo and hyper salinty and also high temperatures.

    Its not any time bomb. Its not gona destroy the whole tank. Just gota keep the fish healthy and maintain good water quality.

    Ich is triggered by a weakened immune system of the fish under stress. It is similar to a common cold, nothing more.

    The 6 to 8 weeks is nonsense. Parasites can be dormant for months.

    Copper treatment is extremely toxic to reef tanks.
  4. kcbrad

    kcbrad Giant Squid

    Aug 28, 2009
    Seattle, WA
    I had no idea. Thanks a lot! I'll look into getting one of those.