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Discussion in 'iBluewater' started by khowst, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. khowst

    khowst Bangghai Cardinal

    Mar 14, 2011
    FLW, Mo
    There are already plenty of testimonials here for ibluewater, but I wanted to add my own. Usually a business has to be utterly fail or amazing for me to review a place. In the case of ibluewater I will say it was an outstanding success, and as far as online fish my best online purchase to date. I have placed 2 orders recently and I can say I dont know what more a customer could ask for. Bob & his staff definitely go above and beyond. We talked on email & phone multiple times before ordering to ensure what I was looking for was was I needed, and it was compatible with my current tank occupants. I got pictures of the actual livestock before ordering. I was looking for a couple of Blue Reef Chromis, which Bob had, and he was honest & didnt feel they were up to his par for selling. At first I was a little let down, but in reality it only shows the care and pride he has in his livestock. Very very few places will pass on a sell & most would rather just take your money, not in this case. I even got a follow up phone call after delivery to ensure everything arrived in good health. I wasnt too sure about one fish Bob recommended but I took the plunge and bought it based on my expereince with him, and he was right. The fish went in the tank and gave me the look exactly like I was going for. Bob even took the time to find a couple fish that werent even on the website. If you dont see it, give him an email. Bet he can find or get it.

    One of the biggest and most impressive things is that every thing I have purchased was seen eating within 24 hours of arrival. No shrunken bellies, faded colors, nor signs of any disease or issues.

    I won't say everything I ordered as I am waiting till the weekend to get some tank maintenance done & post some pictures.

    Credit given where credit is due! Outstanding, extremely satisfied, A+!!!
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  3. Thatgrimguy

    Thatgrimguy Flying Squid

    May 15, 2011
    North Biloxi, MS
    +1, my experience was equally amazing! Great company.
  4. iBluewater

    iBluewater Senior Member (PhD)

    Jan 11, 2011
    iBluewater....... CA

    Thank you Sir for this great review, very much appreciated.