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Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by Swisswiss, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Swisswiss

    Swisswiss Caribbean Reef Squid

    Jul 25, 2011
    Geneva Switzerland
    test done at 10am after dosing pump dosed Mg,alk,carbon source and Ca......

    Ca.: 420 (hanna)
    Alk.: 162ppm=> 9.057 dKH (hanna)
    Salinity: 1.025 (hanna)
    Temp.: 25.7 °C (hanna)
    Ph. 7.84 (hanna)
    Mg: 1400 (salifert)
    Po4: 0.00 (hanna)
    No3: 0.6 (hanna)

    :D!! my water has never been this good and my corals are showing it, especially my montipora capricornis, it has a distinctive white ring around its "wings" showing phenomenal new growth... pictures to come in new thread soon....

    seems iv finally found the perfect daily does to keep the numbers fixed at what they are, where im still a little "mueh" is my PH. im not going to try and correct it/buffer it as its already a good number but if it was a little higher (8.0 at least) I would feel even happier.....

    It might be interesting to some to know that I also suppliment redseas color program, I dose manually 0.5ml/day based on calcium uptake (daily Ca. suppliment dose of 7ml/day so as you may have noticed I slightly under dose to stay on the safe side) as instructed by red sea, I also have the test kit to measure the numbers just in case i notice something does'nt look right...

    anyway all this to say thank you 3reef, I feel iv made huge progress in this hobby over the years and this site has a lot to do with it....