Suspended White Particles

Discussion in 'DrTim's Aquatics' started by cpurvis, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. cpurvis

    cpurvis Plankton

    Apr 6, 2013
    Dr. Tim, I have had this tank set up for 2 months now. I used one and only to cycle it. I had a bacteria bloom after setting it up. I used waste away and it really cleared it up. However, it still had some cloudiness to it and certainly wasn't clear. I purchased some more waste away thinking it was still a little bit of a bacteria bloom left, and went ahead and did a full dose like I did the first time. This time it caused a bacteria bloom and/or at least made the water much much more cloudy that lasted 2 days. Now the tank is back to what it looked like before the 2nd round of waste away. Now i'm starting to wonder if what I have now is a bacteria bloom or not. I have enough for one more full dose of waste away (300gal system) I don't know if i should just do a 1/3rd dose once a week over then next 3 and give it time. I'm still going through a lot of Alk which we discussed in another thread is a sign of some heavy bacteria action going on. I drop .5 dkh per day right now. I have so little coral in the tank it can't be that, plus calcium and mag. have been within acceptable ranges the whole time. I know I have been over feeding, and now that the new fish are settled and I know what they are eating I can quite trying to throw the kitchen at them to see what their preferences are, I know that will help. I'm running 200 micron socks changing every other day, skimming 2005 hydor perfomer which is probably a little overkill right now on 300 gal system not really all that stocked yet. Also running Carbon, I have a dual reactor from BRS but haven't put GFO in it as I don't see/have any algae (I know bacteria will eat that too could be apart of the milky issue as well). I've been doing regular/frequent water changes but those really don't seem to make a difference. Sump is getting about 4x tank volume through it every hour. Don't know what other info would be of use.

    Here is a YouTube of the tank where even with the phone video you can see all the suspended stuff VID_20130423_104036_125 - YouTube

    Here is another video of the length of the tank to show the cloudiness

    What do you think I should try here? Is this the normal start-up fun stuff to just wait through on a tank? Should I try Clear-up since it does seem to be something large enough to see with the naked eye?

    Really appreciate all your help.
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  3. DrTim

    DrTim 3reef Sponsor

    Jan 3, 2011

    Could not look at the second video - said it was private. From the first, short, video it definitely looks like particles and waste-away won't work on those. Also I am not sure Clear-up will work on them either as they are plenty big enough.

    I suggest you add some type of short-term fine mechanical filtration - a filter sock operated by a small pump or power head or something like that which will remove them from the water.

    Not sure where they came from but my guess is that it related to you adding back the alkalinity and you have caused a precipitate.