Superman Montipora

Discussion in 'LPS Corals' started by turbo4603, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Tangster

    Tangster 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 16, 2006
    Yes they are some pretty looking Pic of the monti frag. I wish this one had done something also from the Puppy center Not impressed with their stuff myself as i told someone a while back the place leaves a bit to be desired and I would have never brought anything but a rabbit fish from there myself. Tanks look bad to me and their corals never look like anything I have not seen at far less in cost. Not a place I'd really shop for corals..or any live stock as a first choice. I forget what Amcarrig paid for that frag ?? But I do recall saying her NO-WAY in hell I'd have paid that for it LOL..
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  3. mannyhernz

    mannyhernz Fire Worm

    Sep 5, 2005
    los angeles
    got a about two 6" pieces of this....anybody interested let me know i grew it so ill let you guys get some cheap....mind you guys this monti requires very high light in order to show the superman colors!!! also this is a very slow encrusting denae....the other superman..wich tends to purple out after a certain period is called bizzaro or others call it crush velvet monti,it is a mollis very fast encrusting,red polyps where new growth is,but after it tends to turn a grape purple with lighter purple polyps..also you can tell the diffrence between the two because the denae has a bumpy texture where the mollis is smooth...ill post pics of all my monty's when i get my camera back...i have a sunset,a rainbow,an orange base brown polyped,superman,crush velvet,and a pokerstar...superman one took about a year to gro like an inch...
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