Starting up a 75g

Discussion in 'New To The Hobby' started by Indigo, Oct 12, 2015.

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  1. oldfishkeeper

    oldfishkeeper Giant Squid

    Aug 13, 2012
    looks like you've gotten some good advice - definitely a sump is the way to go. As stated, the bigger you can make the sump - the better but it does depend on your space. Buying an RO/DI is a great investment but you can use the RO water from the box stores as an interim - you can also use distilled water but that's usually only available in gallon jugs and that would be a PITA to haul that much water. Some LFSs will have water you can buy as well. I still get mine from my LFS. In terms of water changes, once weekly of about 10% would be ideal imo.

    welcome to the salt side of the hobby! definitely ask questions and keep reading - you'll find many talented and helpful reefers on this site :)
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  3. Indigo

    Indigo Plankton

    Oct 12, 2015
    Thanks everyone. I've always wanted a SW tank. I currently have way too many running FW tanks and one brackish. Not counting all the empty tanks that are sitting around. Multiple tank syndrome got ahold of me...

    And I thought it was high time to try a SW. Enough of this FW stuff ;)

    Although I'm going to be getting some shellies soon. LOL
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