Starting first reef tank

Discussion in 'New To The Hobby' started by verbal, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. verbal

    verbal Astrea Snail

    Oct 31, 2003
    Piermont, NY,New_York
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member, but I must admit I've been visiting this site for a while now.

    My girlfriend and I are just starting our first reef tank.
    Here it is:

    72 gallon AGA Bowfront
    20L gallon sump
    CPR 600gph overflow
    Turboflotor 1000 Multi
    2x175W heaters
    ViaAqua 3600 water pump
    Lifegard Custom flow water system
    Aquatic Reef Systems RO/DI 100gpd
    PC 2x96 (planning on 4x96 once cycled)

    So far all is well. I filled the system with freshwater first, corrected some minor plumbing issues, and yesterday filled it with our first batch of RO/DI and salt.

    We'll be ordering "The Package" from Tampa Bay Saltwater (complete package of live rock, live sand, and detritivores/algae eaters/sand sifters). I've heard good things about their live rock. A couple of reservations though: they ship the live rock in two shipments, recommending that you cycle the tank with the first half, then add the rest of the rock and the inverts; the rock is apparently very dense as well. Anyway, I'll let you know.

    Future hopes include lots of softies (we like these the most), assorted inverts, and of course, a blenny.


    PS: Thanks for all the help you've already given beginners like me through this forum.
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  3. Craig Manoukian

    Craig Manoukian Giant Squid

    Dec 15, 2002
    Marina del Rey, California
    Congrats and welcome! Sounds like you've done a great job researching! Let us know if we can be of any help. Good Luck!
  4. turbo4603

    turbo4603 Teardrop Maxima Clam

    Oct 31, 2003
    welcome two 3reef. there cant be a better forum. sounds like u have a nice setup in mind! sen us pics of that aquarium. Thanx Joe
  5. karlas

    karlas Fire Goby

    Feb 20, 2002
    berwick, PA,Pennsylvania
    [glow=green, 2, 300]HELLO N WELCOME[/glow]

    ive heard about tampa bay its supposed to be really critter loaded plus its cultured live rock

    since they ship there rock in 2 shipments and you cycle the tank with the first shipment. just to be on the safe side i would put the 2nd in and keep an eye on the water before adding anything. because with it being shipped you still get die off especially if there are sponges. they can cause a ammonia spike even in a cycled tank. get all your rock set and redy then make your first purchase when amm and nitrites are at 0. if you get your 2nd shipment it might be a good idea to scrape dead sponges and a few others that may be on there to minimize any ammonia spikes, i did this with my shipped rock and dont be afraid of doing it becuase it will eventually all grow back. infact everything i scrapped off i think grew back 3 times fold those critters are tougher than you would think
  6. Phil5613

    Phil5613 Purple Spiny Lobster

    Sep 29, 2003
    Wheaton, Illinois
    Be careful with florida lice rock, years ago it was good stuff. But lately more and more it is looking like chunks of concrete. Cuz that's what is! TBS has had a good rep so it could be worth the risk. generally I order a small piece usually about 10-15 pounds to see what it looks like.