Spider Sponge

Discussion in 'Coral of the Month' started by mikejrice, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. mikejrice

    mikejrice 3reef Affiliate

    May 24, 2009

    Spider Sponge

    Difficulty Level: Spider Sponges are a symbiotic NPS coral that demand phytoplankton feedings to thrive which can make their care very demanding.

    Feeding: Live phytoplankton is the best food when keeping spider sponge although other forms of small plankton may also be an adequate food source if supplied in large enough concentrations.

    Lighting (Level 0): As with most NPS corals, less light is better tin order to avoid algae growing on the corals surface. In the case of algae building up on a spider sponge's flesh, a turkey baster may be used to clean it and keep it in top shape.

    Waterflow: Moderate to heavy laminar flow is important both as a food delivery system as well as a means to keep flesh clear of detritus and algae.

    Placement: Spider sponge is best placed away from aggressive coral tank mates in a shaded area with proper flow. Placing them perpendicular to the flow helps in getting strong water movement to all areas of the sponge stocks.

    General: Spider sponge is a very interesting addition to reef tanks as it brings a whole new type of symbiosis to the game. Bright orange sponge forms the base and branching growth of these animals with a symbiotic parazoanthus growing in a spider web pattern over the branches. White para polyps will extend from the white sections when getting enough food and proper flow giving a clear indication of happiness.