Reef-A-Palooza 2012 - The World's Largest Marine Aquarium Show

Discussion in 'Reef-A-Palooza' started by gcarroll, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. gcarroll

    gcarroll Zoanthid

    Sep 30, 2010
    Anaheim Hills, CA
    Orange County
    Fair Grounds
    Costa Mesa, CA

    Saturday, October 20, 2012 10AM-6PM
    Sunday, October 21, 2012 10AM- 4PM

    Reef-A-Palooza provides the perfect venue for marine aquarium hobbyists to meet fellow enthusiasts, exchange information, and trade, and learn about new products. One of our main goals at Reef-A-Palooza, and within SCMAS, is to educate and enlighten the public with the latest knowledge in marine animal husbandry skills and environmental responsibility. For instance, SCMAS fully encourages the rapid advancement and allure of coral propagation as a viable alternative to wild harvest collection practices. As such, many of our booth exhibitors are local hobbyists who grow their own corals specifically to sell and trade at Reef-A-Palooza and similar events. SCMAS thoroughly encourages this type of “green commerce” for both the betterment and future of our hobby, as well as the resulting benefit to the marine environment.

    Southern California is one of the most prolific areas in the world for the marine hobby in terms of retail, supply, and demographics. The density of marine aquarium hobbyists living within the greater LA, San Diego and Orange County area is simply phenomenal! As such, we fully leverage this advantage by properly directing resources to proactively promote Reef-A-Palooza far in advance of the actual event. Significant effort is made to advertise the event effectively, such as posting abundant signs, distributing postcards, and providing other similar displays to various retail locations. Booth rates are extremely reasonable and affordable.

    Reef-A-Palooza is focused mainly to cater to the exhibitor and hobbyist, rather than as an educational conference. As such, we tend to attract customers who come specifically for the purpose of viewing and seeing all the different exhibitor’s booths and displays. Nonetheless, speakers, opportunity drawings, and other entertainment are provided to help keep people around for most of the day, even after seeing all the booths. In addition, our promotional and marketing efforts are nearly guaranteed to attract high participation and attendance rates, and hence, heavy foot-traffic throughout the building. RAP 2012 is going to be HUGE this year due to the popularity of its venue (Orange County Fair & Exposition Center, Building #18) as well as the number of sellers, exhibitors, and manufacturers involved. We now have 30,000+ square feet of indoor, climate-controlled space in which to make this event a resounding success. Now into its eigth year, Reef-A-Palooza has quickly gained the reputation as an event that is NOT to be missed!
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  3. solar0987

    solar0987 Astrea Snail

    Aug 2, 2012
    hendersonville tn
    Sounds sweet!
    I won't be there :(
  4. CoralCollection

    CoralCollection 3reef Sponsor

    Feb 1, 2011
    16515 Magnolia st. Westminster. Ca 92683
    Got our flyers in the shop today and a nice poster up on the wall. We are spreading the word and are very excited to be taking part in this awesome show. We will definitely be bringing lots of goodies :) Looking forward to helping make this the best RAP yet.
  5. N00ZE

    N00ZE Eyelash Blennie

    May 24, 2012
    Gulf Of Mexico
    Wish I could make it... :(
  6. Caspian

    Caspian Coral Banded Shrimp

    Jul 9, 2011
    Woodland, CA
    I want to go, but I'm a firm believer that my Fiance would kill me if I did... Gotta save that money...
  7. OCreefer

    OCreefer Flamingo Tongue

    May 12, 2012
    Orange County, CA
    I'm attendant every years both days.