par or lux meter?

Discussion in 'Reef Lighting' started by reef_guru, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. reef_guru

    reef_guru Humpback Whale

    Apr 4, 2007
    to have the optimal performance of lighting regarding corals both lux and par meters are needed.
    lux ( horsepower ) behind par ( product ) based off cri ( torque ).
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  3. Notturnia

    Notturnia Bristle Worm

    Feb 21, 2008
    cri (quality of the light)
    par (product -> type of the light)
    lux (power of the light)


    cri is easy to find out when you have the wavelight
    lux is usually written on the info of the bulb
    par ... need measurement ::)

  4. rvillariba

    rvillariba Plankton

    Jun 14, 2008
    Using lux / light meter in aquarium

    Hi, I've got a LX-1020B & an LX-1330B lux meters that I've used for photography (outdoor & indoor) but i was wondering if this have a use in aquarium either in light fixtures on the aquarium or in aquarium photography. I've reading about this light meters for aquariums and it got me more confused i just want to know if these type of lux/light meters can be use in aquariums in any way.

    link for 1020B & 1330B light meters:
    DIGITAL LIGHT METER 100,000 LUX LCD LAB PHOTO CAMERA - eBay (item 330242481267 end time Jun-14-08 00:40:47 PDT)
    NEW DIGITAL LIGHT LEVEL METER 200,000 LUX PHOTO CAMERA - eBay (item 330243179304 end time Jun-16-08 15:03:15 PDT)

    any information to enlighten me is very much appreciated. many thanks in advance.