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Discussion in 'SPS Corals' started by mandarin11, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. Mr. Reef

    Mr. Reef Plankton

    Apr 9, 2009
    Sorry about this people, but I feel that is necessary for me to step in on behalf of my dad. I may be a nice person but I do not take kindly to the bashing of anyones name, especially on the Internet.

    First off I would like to state that someone should have informed me of this post a long time ago whether it was a moderator or customer. I'm just glad one of our many loyal customers informed me of such post. Secondly, it is quite unfair for someone to post comments about a particular person online and not even notify them of such. If you wish to express your opinions about a person speak to them directly, not on some random forum on the Internet where it is likely that they will never find it. How would you feel if I made rude comments about you on the Internet? You would likely not feel good about it, I assure you of this. This is the exact reason why I don't feel the need to show this to my dad.

    Now, I would like to address this so called "crabby/unfriendly" behavior that you think my dad has. But first, imagine if you were a person who has multiple ruptured discs in their spine, has had their left arm broken into pieces and mended together, has had their left leg replaced with a hemiprosthetic because it gave out, were currently walking around with a right leg that has almost every single problem with it imaginable beyond being broken, has had blood clots for 3+ years now, gets sick almost every day from the medication they have to take, and were just recently told they have diabetes. It is a MIRACLE that even walks or is alive after all his injuries, yet alone that he isn't grumpy about the situation that he is in. Sure, I believe it frustrates him from time to time, but like he says "If I couldn't laugh about it, I'd cry. You have to make the best out of a bad situation." If he didn't love this hobby he would have retired a long time ago.

    If you came in once, twice, or a third time and found my dad to be "crabby/unfriendly" you might have caught him on a day where he is in more pain than usual, and he might come off as unfriendly in some small way. If he is "crabby/unfriendly" it's more than likely caused by the person who feels that he is because they don't don't see that they were acting the same way. Many of our loyal customers and friends who come in and actually know my dad personally know that he is by far one the nicest and most generous people that you will ever meet. The reason they are not posting in his defense is to refrain from causing arguments on this forum.

    As per what was said up top, I will say this, if you come in with a attitude don't expect me or my dad to be friendly. Leave your attitude wherever you acquired it. Our store is a peaceful environment for serious coral/fish enthusiasts and occasionally children who we don't want to be exposed to it. If you come in making rude comments, or are swearing non-stop (Every other word) don't expect to stay long. We all swear from time to time and to a degree it is fine but is not needed, especially in a public facility.

    Also, if your used to buying wild colonies from the ocean, decide to come into our shop, and then start demanding us to sell every single colony in our store no matter how many times we've told you, "We are a aquaculturing facility, and we sell frags of corals not colonies." don't expect us to be friendly in this situation as well, especially if you want to buy them at the price of what a frag of it costs. We are against the continual removal of corals from the ocean. I've talked to many people who can't even keep them anyways, as they either brown out or slowly die off in their system from not being used to a unnatural environment yet. A wild coral being transferred from different system after different system make them suffer severely when they've just been taken out of the ocean. This is why we choose to buy only a few select beautiful wild colonies a year, and trade for other amazing corals frags from time to time. We do have aquacultured colonies for sale sometimes, and if you ask we will gladly show you them. All the customers that I know of don't have any problems with our aquacultured frags, and have even reported exceptional growth and coloration in comparison to wild corals they have received.

    Troy (TAD), you said to me quite recently (3/30/09) that you had been a long time customer of my dads 15-17 years ago when he was in his old location and that you bought everything from him until your "tank got to hot and fried". You're now starting back up in the hobby and are coming to me and my dad for advice as well as items for your tank. I don't quite understand why a person that seemed as nice as yourself when coming into our store, then goes out and bashes my dads name when he doesn't even deserve it. It confuses me to no end and I really think that there is a apology needed here.

    All in all, I think that if many of you took the time to really get to know my dad you'd find that he is a very generous, compassionate and strong willed man. With that said, you be the judge! Swing by our shop sometime in the future and I promise that you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it. :)

    Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!

    Ricky Soutas Jr.
    -Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-
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  3. {Nano}Reefer

    {Nano}Reefer Dragon Wrasse

    Aug 9, 2008
    Oh snap, great post :)
  4. crank2211

    crank2211 Purple Spiny Lobster

    Jan 13, 2009
    Ugh, I normally won't comment on such threads, but I've had a couple and just can't help myself...

    Honestly, you probably shouldn't worry about it so much, ESPECIALLY if the said bashing is coming from the internet. Some things are out of our control, and if someone had a bad experience, it's their right to vent about it. Most of the time it will come behind the anonymity of the internet.

    If that were standard procedure, nothing would ever get accomplished online, or off. 14 year old kids and their comments would clog the interweb, forever halting production.

    This has been happening since the advent of the internet and keyboard. Welcome to the 21'st century!

    Unfortunately, This is no longer how quarrels are settled online, I'm sorry to inform you...

    No different. It's an "internet comment". In fact, it's hard to take any comment read online seriously. There's more important things to worry about in "real life"

    I"m sure your father is a very pleasant person normally, and the fact that he might have had a bad day for whatever reason, is really a moot point. You don't need to try and explain or justify a set of actions, especially on a public forum. I know it's frustrating reading such comments, but in reality, even the best vendors get bashed every once in awhile. You will be hard pressed to find an online vendor, in any public forum, who hasn't had a bit of bad press written about them for whatever reason.

    **it happens.. people B#*&h about it online.. Life goes on..

    I've been singing this song for awhile myself :yelrotflm

    I'm sure this is the case, g'bless and goodluck :)

    Edit: Oh yeah, we're talking about a year old thread, so it really shouldn't be that big of a deal.... Just my .02
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  5. Mr. Reef

    Mr. Reef Plankton

    Apr 9, 2009
    Says the person sitting behind the computer thinking of something witty to say, but ends up not realizing that he is not respecting the opinion of a person that he thinks is less than a man.

    Take your negativity elsewhere, your respect is not valid, and the logic of your above sentence is flawed.

    They expressed their opinion, I expressed mine. I respect their decision, but disagree with it. They have a right to disagree with mine just as much as I did with theirs. That is truth at its best.

    crank2211 had real input on this matter and he is quite right in many respects, but we all have our differences.

    If you have actual input on the matter and want to post it instead of trying to raise your post count please go ahead and do so. I'll be looking forward to it. :)

    Ricky Soutas Jr.
    -Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-