Official March 2014 Group Buy Thread

Discussion in 'Reef Breeders' started by Reef Breeders, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. Reef Breeders

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    Nov 22, 2010
    As promised, we are starting the group buy today, and ending it on the 23rd of March. All orders of the photons will have a discount of around $40, and will be made to order. The values with 120s will be $160, and the values with 90s will be $170, and also made to order. This time, we will be shipping some lights from our stock, before the rest of the buy. The first 10 photon48s will ship next week, and the first 20 value fixtures will also ship next week at the group buy prices. Most Jebao pumps ship right away, we will have the 60s in some time next week, those are $15 off, so that is a regular sale, but we will include it as part of the group buy sale. If you order lights and pumps, the pumps will be combine shipped with the lights, unless you request otherwise in the note to seller box. The rest will be shipping 3-4 weeks after the group buy ends, not after you pay. 3-4 weeks after March 23rd, 2014. I just want to make sure that is emphasized, as some people were unsure of that last time. We will notify you when the lights ship with an email containing tracking info. To get the discounts applied to your order, use the following coupon codes, which will expire on the 23rd. Place your orders through our website: Home | Reef Breeders LEDs

    Photon48: gbp48

    Photon32: gbp32

    Photon24: gbp24

    Photon16: gbp16

    Value with 120s: gbv120s

    Value with optics: gbvoptics

    All Jebao Pumps: gbjebao