Nightster's 150g tropheus (African cichlid) tank

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by nightster, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. nightster

    nightster Pajama Cardinal

    Aug 11, 2010
    Rosenberg, TX
    Well my 150g is home to 47 tropheus. They are a rambunctious group, lots of aggression. After all, an aggressive group is a breeding group! They are an extremely rare variant (if anyone finds any wild caught of this variant do not hesitate to tell me thanks) called Sp. Red Lunangwa South. Their location point in lake Tanganyika is off the coast of the Republic of Congo. By far my most active tank. I have 2 2250 (upgraded 1262 pumps) and a large wet/dry filtering the tank. It also gets 2 water changes a week, 1 90%(sat or sun) and 1 50%(wed or thurs). This tank is extremely over stocked but with how aggressive these guys are its the only way to keep them from murdering each other. Please don't lecture me on overstocking tanks, this is an extremely healthy colony of fish and a sight to be hold in person. I currently have 2 females holding eggs and a couple more have dropped their vents (breeding time) s hopefully i can add more fry to my fry tank. Here are some pictures and videos. In the pictures there are some smaller fish, i no longer have these, sold them to a friend.

    Couple of the males competing for alpha male.
    Lunangwa South tropheus battle - YouTube

    Video from last night, please excuse the dirty glass!
    Lunangwa South colony - YouTube

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  3. Ashevillian

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    Jun 27, 2011
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    Beautiful tank. I am surprised no one else has commented on this, as this post is over 7 months old.