New Product: inTank Universal Surface Skimmer

Discussion in 'inTank LLC' started by StevieT, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. StevieT

    StevieT 3reef Sponsor

    Sep 13, 2011
    Menomonee Falls, WI

    Remove the film with the inTank Surface Skimmer. Surface film buildup on the water's surface of your aquarium is a hazard to your livestock. It impedes gas exchange and is also very ugly. The inTank Universal Surface Skimmer breaks the surface tension and forces water downwards towards your intake grates, removing the hazardous and ugly surface film.

    The inTank Universal Surface Skimmer installs on any flat intake wall and holds against the intake grates while the filtration pump(s) is on. Included are two adjustable stay hold clips, these lock the Surface Skimmer in place while the filtration pump(s) is off. Only one clip is needed but we have included two. You can use both at once or save one as a spare. You can also glue on the clip(s) so they never can get lost. They also allow the surface skimmer to be adjustable in height.

    • Universal design works on popular AIO aquariums with a flat false wall
    • Black to mask from view
    • Includes two stay hold clips
    • Adjustable in height
    • Holds onto false wall when filtration pump(s) are on, clip(s) hold when off
    • CNC laser cut from high quality American made acrylic assembled by hand in USA
    • Popular on Fluval, Innovative Marine, CAD Lights aquariums and More!
    • 4-3/4" Wide
    • 2-1/2" Tall
    • 1-3/4" Deep