NEW "MAX DISCUSSION FORUM" has been launched!

Discussion in 'Marine Aquarium Expo' started by MadMAX, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. MadMAX

    MadMAX 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 23, 2009

    Dear MAX Fans,
    We are pleased to announce a BRAND NEW addition to the Marine Aquarium Expo website:

    The "MAX Discussion Forum"

    - The MAX Discussion forum is open to both Exhibitors and Attendees or anyone who
    is interested in obtaining additional information about upcoming shows.

    - The MAX forum is not simply a blogging site but a fully-functional hobby forum where you may
    interact, respond, and discuss inside information, or to ask specific questions not already addressed.

    - The main purpose of the MAX Discussion Forum is to distribute unique inside information about MAX
    that is not normally available via normal lines of communication. The forum mainly serves to answer any
    questions that participants and fans alike may have in general about the Marine Aquarium Expo.

    Registration is FREE and takes only one minute to complete, so why not join us Now?

    The "MAX Discussion Forum" can be found at: