New Extra High capacity DI cartridges NOW Available!

Discussion in 'SpectraPure' started by SpectraPure, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. SpectraPure

    SpectraPure 3reef Sponsor

    Sep 10, 2009

    I wanted to post here to answer some of the questions we have been receiving on our new *Super High capacity DI* cartridges just released.

    -Yes, our SUPER DI cartridges that have 33% more removal capacity than any other standard DI cartridge :beer:

    -Yes, these can be used in place of your standard size/capacity DI cartridge in practically all standard 10" housings used. They are completely interchangeable. :inlove:

    -Yes, they are available as replacements for your Silica Buster, your MaxCap, your Mixed-bed, your color indicating DI cartridges, or other brands of DI cartridges.:spin2:

    -Yes, for only $1 more than our standard cartridge you do get 33% (1/3) more than our standard cartridge. :celeb1:

    -No, it not refillable, but we still offer our standard size in refillable cartridges.

    -Another way of expressing your savings when using these super DI cartridges is 3 SUPER DI cartridges do the work of 4 standard Di cartridges. :deadhorse:

    Yes, you will save money and reduce waste.:spin3:

    Yes, they are on sale...

    Thanks for your time! If I can answer any questions, just drop me a line!
    SpectraPure, Inc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.