NEW! Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED

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    Aug 3, 2010

    Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED Aquarium Lights

    The brightness of the Orbit Marine PRO may be the first thing you notice, but what you experience is so much more! With innovative features that deliver incredible color rendition and stunning shimmer, this is the coolest light Current-USA has ever made.

    More Light, More Color, More Vivid.

    To get the greatest colors and growth out of your corals, Current-USA incorporated a wider spectrum of high powered SMD LED chips. Specifically designed for live coral reef tanks, the Orbit Marine PRO provides the PAR, light spectrum and necessary wavelengths for strong growth and brilliant color in SPS and LPS corals. Combined with our new dome optics it spreads light more evenly throughout your entire aquarium, ensuring your substrate doesn’t look like a disco floor!

    LED Colors
    • Warm White - 6,500K
    • Cool White - 8,000K
    • Magenta - Indigo
    • Royal Blue - 445mn
    • Ultraviolet - 415nm
    • Deep Blue - 453nm
    Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller
    • Programmable 24 hour on and off time
    • Adjustable daylight and moonlight color and intensity
    • Automatically simulates sunrise, sunset and moonlight
    • Four dynamic effects and presets including cloud cover, fading lunar and storm with lightning
    • Four memory locations for custom time schedules and coral acclimation
    • Wireless IR remote and new controller mounting system
    What’s Included
    Each Orbit Marine PRO system includes an LED light fixture, adjustable docking legs (pre-installed) 24VDC UL approved transformer, Ramp Timer Pro LED controller with IR remote, controller mounting bracket and complete instructions. Optional hanging kit sold separately.