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Discussion in 'New To The Hobby' started by paul21, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. paul21

    paul21 Plankton

    Jun 3, 2014
    update i added more charcoal pad but put it right before the pump in chamber 2 turnned off lights 2 days and it is clear again still see little fine white in water but very clear now .
    wonder if it could be phosphates that i am seeing anyway i will be adding a reactor with phosban and later another with gfo if what i read is correct that should take care of water issues as long as i do monthly sand cleaning and bi weekly water changes will update after i add the reactor tks again
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  3. Jeanethics

    Jeanethics Plankton

    Mar 12, 2013
    Paul what test kit bare you using?