Mushrooms and LPS - behavior noted

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Craig Manoukian, May 9, 2003.

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  1. Craig Manoukian

    Craig Manoukian Giant Squid

    Dec 15, 2002
    Marina del Rey, California
    Just wanted to report that I got some hairy mushrooms from the LFS, about six shrooms on a small rock.  Varied colors from pinkish tan to light bue green in color.  Nice speimens.

    They hav acclimated very well and open very nicely under the indirect MH lighting.

    Well, the largetst mushroom, blue green "jumped" off its rock and floated around on the sand for several daysbefore coming to rest near my orange lobophyllia.  The mushroom was really healthy and when fully open would measure 2" in diameter.

    Well after two days, I noticed that my lobophyllia was very puny looking, especially on the side adjacent to the mushroom.  That mushroom was stinging the daylights out of my LPS!

    I moved the lobophyllia to a rock where it is inaccessible from the motile shrooms.  It is plumping up and recovering nicely.

    The strangest thing is that since moving the lobophyllia, and without touching the mushroom it has disappered.  My biggest mushroom has vanished without a trace and I've been searching the tank for five days.  Go figure!

    Well, the moral of the story is, keep you mushrooms and ricordia a safe distance from your LPS!!!!!!!!!

    :) ;) :D ;D 8)
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  3. mango

    mango Plankton

    Apr 30, 2003
    Sydney, Australia, NSW,New_South_Wales

    Thats funny, cause when my elegance and torch corals touch my corallimorphs, the corallimorphs tend to shrink and lose their colour for weeks before they recover.

  4. karlas

    karlas Fire Goby

    Feb 20, 2002
    berwick, PA,Pennsylvania
    im wondering how full was your mushroom rock? mushrooms with there rate that they can multiply can and will leave the rock if overcrowded. also out of my purple mushrooms i had one huge one dissapear and im pretty sure it moved down between the rocks its hard to see but its there my rock has become overcrowded and im sure it is due to this. also some of the smaller ones have moved on to the big rock. there still in a group but on 2 seperate pieces of rock. also if you get a shroom that dont like the light yours may have moved in a shadier place also. ive been reading up on shrooms a bit and some species actually like the darker shadier parts of the aquarium and will actually do worse in bright light
  5. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    [glow=Red, 1, 80%]I agree with karla. I have a hairy mushroom rock on which the mushrooms decided that they didn't want to live anymore. So, they began to detach themselves, one by one, until there is only one left! The rest of them can be found in nooks and crannies all over the tank, mostly out of the direct rays of the light. They are doing very well in their new positions and don't seem to mind the somewhat 'shady' areas at all.

    I think the "hairier" mushrooms prefer low lights, and would rather have occasional 'live' food instead (krill, brine, etc.). Mine are doing quite well with their new arrangement. [smiley=grin3.gif][/glow]