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    I also use this for my 36 gallon tank.. I love them!!!

    You do have to purchase the 12v transformer but you can daisy chain up to 12 of these.

    For my tank I use 4 of them. Two of the 12,000K Moon White & two of the 453nm Actinic Blue. This way you get a mixture and they have a nice effect with the mixture of both which gives it a nice moonlight effect.

    When the day is done, these LED moonlights begin their work. By casting a beautiful moon glow over your aquarium, TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights will illuminate the previously unseen nocturnal environment and promote spawning, all while consuming less than 1 watt of power. TrueLumen Lunar Lights are a brilliant, energy efficient lighting system which will help you enjoy an active night life.
    Stimulates Spawning
    Energy efficient, high power LED's
    2 color choices
    Research studies have shown that using rhythmic moon luminance is very helpful in spawning captive animals. Add it to your existing light fixture, hood or canopy for a complete 24-hour lighting solution. For optimum coverage, link multiple Lunar Lights inside your canopy.

    Our 12,000K Moon White is the only natural white light replicating the glow of a full moon. The crisp white light casts a "moon-glow" over your tank creating a beautiful nocturnal environment.

    The 453nm Actinic Blue light casts a mysterious nighttime glow over your tank creating a viewable nocturnal environment while providing all the benefits of a Lunar Light.

    Our Moon White is ideal for use in all freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks to simulate the lunar glow of a full moon on a summer tropical night, and is also great for terrarium use. And our Nocturnal Blue is ideal for use in all freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks by creating a mysterious nighttime glow for nocturnal viewing. This is also great for terrarium use.
    Easy to install - just plug our 12V transformer (sold seperately) and connect it to the Lunar Light. Then, simply attach the Lunar Link to your aquarium canopy, hood or light fixture using the supplied LED adhesive or mounting screw. Lunar Lights are linkable between each other, or by using our optional 3 way splitter.
    *TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights require a 12V Transformer for use (sold separately)
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