Marko haaga style reefing? Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Reef Topics' started by nanomania, May 4, 2016.

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  1. nanomania

    nanomania Vagabond Butterfly

    May 23, 2011
    mumbai, india
    He guys if u dono him, he has one of the best lowtech skimmerless systems and that too sps dominated..

    Soon ill be plannin on a 150g sumpless skimmerless system working on a eheim canister 2062 (the monster l) or a fluval fx6.

    Plannin on 100 to150kg of live or dead rock and 1" redsea ocean white sand (i dono howmany kg shud i buy). I dont like dsb some how.

    I want to solely depend upon liverock for biological filteration and nothing else. So the canister will have jus foam pads and polishin pads with phosguard, carbon and 2 bags of purigen. Ill also add a bag of ceramic rings or eheim media not as biological filteration but jus incase if i wana setup a new tank, the mesia will help cycle the aquarium faster.

    Now if u see Marco haga's system, he is using biopellets without the skimmer. Is that possible? Is any1 currently using then without skimmer? If yes, how? Can i add it right in between the filter sponges in the canister? So the bacteria stays in the sponge and doesnt come out. Might sound stupid, but jus a thot. Also is it really necessary to use biopellets?

    Well mostly im plannin to keep jus softies and lps, but i wana try sps too if possible. Any1 tried or using same method?
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