MAMAX 2014 10/18

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  1. Benjamin Mace

    Benjamin Mace Plankton

    Sep 23, 2014
    The Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarists Society (MAMAS) would like to invite you to the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarium Expo (MAMAX) located in Virginia Beach, VA on October 18, 2014 from 10:00am-3:00pm. Previously named "The Fall Frag Fest", MAMAX has rebranded and grown since our first show. MAMAX is an opportunity for reef aquarists in the mid-atlantic region to come together for a day of saltwater hobby exposure, education, conversation, contests and family fun. With over 20 vendors from across the country, raffles and contests throughout the day, we have something for everyone.

    General admission is just $5 and kids 12 and under are free. Limited quantities of VIP tickets will be available as well. VIP tickets get you in a full hour at 9am before general admission to meet vendors, cherry pick stock and pick up exclusive deals. You'll also get a t-shirt, MAMAS stickers, a magnet and 5 raffle tickets. VIP tickets are $35.

    A portion of our proceeds will go to local environmental charities! We've picked 4 charities that we feel will have a direct impact on the environment our hobby. Visit our website to learn more about these great organizations.

    - Aznnutty's Saltwater Connections
    - Steve Tyree & Reef Farmers
    - Custom Reef Creations
    - AJM Reef LED
    - Joe Knows Reef's
    - Atlantic Sea Farms
    - Animal Adventure
    - Caviar Coral
    - Gr8Polyps
    - Reef Deep Aquatics
    - Jason Fox
    - Reef Chief
    - Pet Paradise
    - VAquatics
    - Pacific East Aquaculture
    - Aquacare
    - Reef Dynamics
    - Blue Ridge Corals
    - Fish Safari
    - Exotic Reef Creations
    - Bro's Fish Tacos

    Raffles & Prizes
    Skimmers, food, additives, LEDs, gift certificates and more!

    - Reef Hobbyist Magazine
    - Rods Food
    - Instant Ocean
    - Premium Aquatics
    - Rogger's Reef Food
    - Aqua-Tech
    - Reed Mariculture
    - Doctors Foster & Smith
    - Marineland
    - Boyd Enterprises
    - Archetype Aquariums

    Bro's Fish Tacos food truck will be on site serving up great meals! (not included in admissions price)

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our staff for details and an application form at [email protected].
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