In Stock: Nuvo 24 from Innovative Marine

Discussion in 'Marine Depot' started by MarineDepot, May 8, 2013.

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    Aug 3, 2010
    Garden Grove, CA
    AquaticLife 1.0 Watt Expandable LED Light Fixture

    Underrated. They are extremely well-built, low-profile and the mix of LEDs produces an attractive color. Many hobbyists seem to overlook AquaticLife's LED options and only consider their more popular T5 fixtures. They might not get as much hype or marketing as some of the other LED lights on the market, but you can count us as fans. Their Expert Series light is incredible, too. Something else a lot of hobbyists forget about is AquaticLife's awesome Lifetime Fixture Guarantee. Obviously their fixtures are quality, otherwise we wouldn't carry them. It's just reassuring when a manufacturer has that kind of support and faith in their products so you can buy in confidence.