Ich after moving a 65 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Fish Diseases' started by karla_washburn, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. karla_washburn

    karla_washburn Plankton

    Apr 17, 2012
    Hi. Long story short. I bought a 65g tank with fish only. It has about 20 fish from clown fish, gobies, tangs and many others. I saw the tank about a week prior to the move. I observed the fish, they ate and seemed all healthy and happy. We moved the tank 4 days ago on friday night. Everything went well and only lost a royal gramma during the move. I hired a professional moving company and he introduced the fish from my nano cube to the main tank during the move. I had shrimp, a jawfish, a watchmen goby and 2 clownfish.

    On Sat morning I noticed the clownfish were fighting and decided to bring the 2 I originally had back to the nano cube fearing they will kill eachother. On Sat evening I noticed one of the fish had a few white spots on the side and brought it to the LFS close to my house. My fish never had Ich before so I wanted to make sure it was Ich, the LFS owner confirmed it was Ich. I bought freshwater and exchanged 5g of saltwater for freshwater. Before returning the fish into the tank I did a freshwater dip. Next day this guy looked way better.

    The LFS recommended 2 types of medications (I don't have them with me now). One I started adding right away on saturday and the other one started yesterday (Mon). This morning the blue tang and another fish (a nocturnal fish) show spots. I gave the nocturnal fish a fresh water dip this morning.

    The water is not too clear and I tested it and all parameters are a bit off. I read 2 books prior to the move and seems it is normal to have such parameters due to the move. I even read that it can take up to 4-6 weeks to have the tank back to normal parameters. However, I am EXTREMELY concerned and stressed about the fish. I did 10g water change yesterday trying to clean the water yesterday.
    All the fish are eating and only the clownfish look bad. They were fighting and I think they are the worst due to that fact. Now my nano cube must be full of the parasite since one of my original clowns show spots as well.

    I seriously need advice as of what to do. I also increased the temperature of the tank to 83F. I read I can go all the way up to 86F.

    I am fearing that in my efforts to dip the fish, change the water and all this stuff I am only stressing the fish and not helping. PLEASE ADVICE!!! I would trully appreciate it:cry: