Huge Summer Sale Free Shipping on all PNP systems

Discussion in 'SC Aquariums' started by scaquariums, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. scaquariums

    scaquariums 3reef Sponsor

    May 15, 2013
    Montclair, California
    We are running summer sale now.

    Please PM or email us ( for deep discount for the following system. Prices are too low to advertise

    24 gallon PNP system 24x15x15" 6mm
    50 gallon PNP system 24x24x20" 10mm
    66 gallon PNP system 32x24x20" 10mm
    80 gallon PNP system 32x24x24" 12mm
    90 gallon PNP system 36x24x24" 12mm

    All tank are made by starfire glass, diamond polished edges, black silicone, pre-built overflow.

    We also have one 72x24x30" 15mm 240 gallon starfire glass PNP system with Solid Maple Cabinet (Dark Cherry Finish), only one in stock, PM for best price.