How do I feed Corals? Long answers prefered.

Discussion in 'Coral' started by banthonyb71, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Night-Rida

    Night-Rida Finback Whale

    Jul 3, 2009
    Tampa, FL
    x2 on that. I also use a cut top of a 2liter bottle to cover small lps corals so the fish/crabs/shrimp dont eat the food that im feeding the corals.
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  3. pgoodsell

    pgoodsell Horrid Stonefish

    Apr 6, 2009
    Sparks, Nv
    Im in the same boat as GuitarMan89. My frogspawn will not take food. Feeding tentacles never come out, and if I squirt mysis on it, it just sits there until Im tired of fighting off my shrimp, and then they will go and eat it. As for the rest there just softies and I never feed them.
  4. Peredhil

    Peredhil Giant Squid

    Aug 20, 2008
    hehe, shouldn't it be moved to the fish food board? :p:eek:;D That's about coral feeding too
  5. qutub

    qutub Plankton

    Mar 20, 2013
    feeding corals.

    Hello I will try to make this reply as detailed and as lengthy as possible.

    1) Clean water is must for your corals.

    2) pristine water quality is needed for hard corals and sps corals.

    3) no amount of feeding will grow ur corals as long as ur water is not clean, or does not have enough trace elements and the required calcium, strontium, right ph, and many other water quality factors.

    4) calcium should be correct. too high calcium,
    and many corals wont open, too low calcium and many will die.

    5) adequate Light is must. For sps you need very bright light.

    6) if you got corals such as polyps or brain, they wont open if you got particular coral eating fish such as angels.

    7) sps need high water circulation \ waves.

    8) regular water changes are a MUST!

    9) do turn off wavemakers \ water flow, during feeding time.

    10) if you don't have anemones for clown fish then they will mistake another coral for anemone, and swim around\in it, causing the coral to not open\eat, and hence will die.

    I cannot suggest you what food brand to feed your corals, as I have Kent, Brightwell, Tropic Marine, AquaVitro, Seachem, Coral Shop, 2 little fish, New Era, Omega One, Dupla Rin, Salifert, FirstBite, Ocean Nutrition.
    and Many more. Due to the limitation of not being able to get all the brands in foreign country, I am unable to get my hands on many other coral food unfortunately.
    I have more than 100 different bottles of medicine \ vitamins \ necessary trace elements for corals. I am not saying having all this is necessary, but reef keeping is no joke, and quite honestly it is a very time\money consuming hobby. you can never get all the knowledge you need for reef keeping. many corals just wont accept any food regardless of your water quality, for example cauliflower coral.
    I have a 750 gallons reef tank, and a 300 gallons fish only, 50 gallon quarantine tank, and 3 freshwater tank 100 gallon each.
    and a lot of different types of corals.
    Yes feed your corals at night, that's the best time when their tentacles are sticking out. But its hard to keep track of that time, as by the time I turn off my tank lights its past 12 midnight, and I hardly have time to wait for an hour when they will stick their testicles out, and combine all sorts of food for them, and then lastly feed them, which takes about 15-20 mins, and then wait another 1 hour to turn on the motors.
    quite hard to do all this during night, unless you change your tank light schedule.
    if you want enough time on your hands to feed your corals at night when they are sticking their tentacles out, you will want to switch your tank light off by 9pm so you have an hour and a half to prepare their, food, feed them and wait an hour to turn on motors.
    that means you will have to turn your lights on in the afternoon around 1pm so your corals get an 8 hours of ample light supply.
    oh, mind you btw, your corals need complete darkness to expand their tentacles. which means if your tank is in the room where you have lights on after the tank light is off, it wont work my dear:) ALL lights must be off. oh, and turn the skimmer off too for about a couple of hours, remove the sponge from your sump, if u have any, so it wont suck up the particles from zooplankton food.
    I am sure I am missing out on hell lot more information out there,
    but this is the most I could provide you with from my side.
    hope it helps.
    good luck to you.