garden hose ?

Discussion in 'I made this!' started by sompa, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. sompa

    sompa Plankton

    Jun 22, 2004
    wichita, KS,Kansas
    could I use a piece of garden hose in my reef without hurting it? Is there anything the hose will give off to cause trouble. I was thinking about using a small potion and putting holes in it. Attach it to my ph and place it along the back of tank so it would send current along the entire back at the bottom to keep from getting dead spots.

    Any concerns with that?????
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  3. Scoffer

    Scoffer Banned

    Aug 25, 2004
    Jacksonville, Florida
    I really don't know. I have known people to use a garden hose as their return line and such...

    but what about pvc? you can plumb it in any way or direction, and a small drill bit will make plenty of holes to whatever size you want. Also, some LFS do sell a pvc return pipe for inside the tank thats already made with the holes and all. I still have one on the old tank. That design just won't allow for much current , so I used the return head this time. But it would look alot better with no side effects inside the tank..

    good luck ..

  4. Olyoxenfree

    Olyoxenfree Astrea Snail

    Jan 16, 2005
    , WI,Wisconsin
    some brands of garden hoses use special chemicals in the polymer to keep them soft in cold weather, these chemicals can leach into your aquarium and may have detrimental effects. Just to be safe, I would go with Scoffer's plan.
  5. chris-miranda

    chris-miranda Astrea Snail

    Feb 3, 2005
    clovis, CA,California
    i would also avoid the garden hose most hardware stores sell clear or black hose in all sizes i perfer to use black because i have used clear in the past but the light penatrates the hose and grows algae its a real pain to clean by the way i paid 8.99 for 10 feet of 1x3/4 inch black food grade hose
  6. Diver_1298

    Diver_1298 Eyelash Blennie

    Sep 5, 2004
    Lakeland, Fl
    You could try a tygon sp.? or reinforced tubing from Home Depot or Lowes. It's food grade and flexible. If you need to move or adjust it later it would be easier than using PVC, so I understand your question ;) It is also 10 times the cost of some cheap PVC.
  7. festus

    festus Plankton

    Sep 9, 2004
    Watch the green ones. While color doesn't matter some are made with any number of items in them including lead. While years of drinking from green garden hoses have not affected me int he least ;-) that might not be good for fish.

    You would be safer getting one marked for potable use. RV types use these and they are usually white.

    But again color doesn't matter its what its made out of.

    I've never done this with a tank this is just my RV knowledge.