For those that was asking about timer for Nano touch...

Discussion in 'ZETLIGHT' started by zetlight_led, May 26, 2013.

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  1. zetlight_led

    zetlight_led 3reef Sponsor

    Jun 20, 2012
    Zetlight finally comes up with something that is able to connect to a external timer just like the Zetlight Aqua. Which can give you some kind of sun rise and sunset setting.
    Here is some pictures of it. The main different is that the light no longer able to use remote without the controller. Without the controller, you can only turn the light on/off only. Also, instead of white color holder/stand, it is clear acrylic now.
    I only have a picture on a freshwater tank, but it does come with a salt water version.
    Freshwater Version
    14W total.
    28x 0.5W LED
    1400 Lumens
    7000K White

    Salt Water Version
    15W total
    14x0.5W 12000K White
    14x0.5W Blue LED
    4x0.06W Red
    4x0.06W Green