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    May 24, 2009
    Elite Reef is constantly pushing the envelope in all that we do including the aquaculture of corals. With over 50 unique coral strains, ranging from chalice to brain corals, currently residing in our culturing facility, they're starting to fill out flats and even jump across state lines.


    We believe that aquacultured corals represent the future of our hobby and the impact that we affect on the world's natural reefs. Elite Reef is constantly on the hunt for coral strains that present the best coloration while also adapting well to captive conditions in order to increase sustainable practices and bring the very best corals to hobbyists' tanks. To date, we have selected over 50 unique coral strains ranging across LPS, SPS, soft coral and NPS including rare finds such as dendrophyllia, stylocoeniella, lithophyllon and more.

    With the world's reefs in danger, aquaculture becomes more and more important each year, and this message certainly has not been lost within the reef aquarium industry. Recently, reef tank video creator, Thomas of Thomas Vision Reef began stocking his personal reef aquarium with aquacultured corals through our local friends Aqua Medic Live, and we just couldn't resist getting involved. Check out his latest video below and follow along in the future as he fills out a full reef with nothing but captive propagated sustainable color.

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