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    Welcome to 3reef :). Unfortunately you currently do not meet the criteria.

    Market Place Forums - Rules & Guidelines:

    Selling, purchasing and trading on 3Reef is for the benefit its members only. The sole obligation of the Market Place forum is to provide a place for contributing members to enjoy the benefits of membership and participation by allowing hobbyists to sell and buy personal items to and from other hobbyists.

    To maintain these benefits, and to prevent the use of the Market Place by non-sponsoring commercial entities, we have imposed the following rules for accessing and using the Market Place forums:

    1) Members must have been a 3Reef member for no less than 30 days;

    2) Members must have a minimum post count of 50;

    3) Post padding (i.e. "nice tank," "I agree," "+1") in order to meet the Market Place posting requirements is not permitted. The moderators and administrator reserve the right to delete any post from any member that they deem has been posted solely for the purpose of accessing the Market Place;

    4) By using the 3Reef Market Place, you assume all risk and liability associated with any sale, purchase or trade made therein. 3reef will not and cannot act as a mediator of Market Place transactions. If it is deemed that a member is abusing the Market Place, that member should be reported to the moderators and administrator so that an investigation can be conducted;

    5) Commercial sellers are not permitted to use the Market Place. This includes retailers, wholesalers, or basement businesses. Sponsors are permitted to offer items for sale in their sponsor forum and in the Wanted section of the Market Place only. Any and all commercial sellers are encouraged to become a sponsor of 3Reef by contacting the administrator via the following link: 3reef Advertising. Commercial entities who hide their identity with the intent to offer items for sale may result in their removal from the site.

    If any contributing member is offered items for sale via Private Message by commercial entities who are not sponsors or by members who do not meet the Market Place requirements, we ask that these messages please be reported to the moderators and administrators.

    Please remember that the purpose of 3Reef is to allow individuals with a collective interest to exchange views and opinions and is primarily focused on a desire to help those new to the hobby to acquire quality information in order to progress through the hobby with minimal disappointments. Your first 50 posts would be best served targeted towards helping these individuals.
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